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Did you know that a house is burglarized every 15 seconds in the U.S. Over 2 million occurrences happen each year. If you become a victim, you will not just have to live with the financial loss, but you will also be devastated emotionally. A traumatic experience like this could give your family very upsetting feelings, frightening memories, and possibly a sense of constant danger. So let us help you to make sure you will not end up in this type of situation!

We have a Basic Guide for you to get started with the basic information and an Industry Leading Definitive Guide (launching soon). Our wireless security system reviews are extremely detailed and we have even included videos to FrontPoint Security Reviews, Protect America Reviews and ADT reviews, our highest rated wireless security system companies.

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What can be changed with
wireless security system?
What can be changed with wireless security systems

With a wireless security system installed in your home, you will give a totally different perception of your place to any burglar, simply because you are showing them that your place would not be an easy target.

Secondly you would change your mindset and gain a piece of mind, if you previously had doubts of being safe. And if anyone is foolish enough to break in when your security system is activated, this is what happens…

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Why choose a wireless security
system instead of a hardwired system?
Wireless security systems instead of hardwired security systems

Did you know the legacy landline phone service will stop working eventually? Even if it still continues to work for another decade, the fact is that the big telephone companies will not continue to pay to keep up an aging copper wireline network,

This simply means, the aging wireline service is kept at the minimum quality level required by the regulators and this is causing a lot of quality of service issues all around the country already.

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Security Cameras

Did you know criminals avoid homes with cameras? Learn more about how to create an additional safety barrier for you and your family using wireless security cameras.

Wireless alarm
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Basic Guide to Wireless Home Security Systems

Get The Perfect System

A wireless security system will have various components. Fortunately, you can easily buy these components individually — and connect them on your own to setup a alarm system. But, if you’re not too much of a DIY person, don’t worry. You can find a company that provides a solid wireless security system, with these components, and more!

  • 100% Wireless
  • No Landlines
  • Complete Safety
  • Smart
  • Simple
  • Future proof

You will also need to make sure that the solution is flexible, uses the latest technology, and is easy to install.
These are some features that your wireless security system should include:

  • It should be easy to install, no drilling or wiring
  • It should be battery operated
  • It should be expandable so that you can add more components when needed
  • It should move with you, so that you can relocate or move it whenever you want
Are you worried about the cost of your
Wireless Home Security System?

The benefits of owning one has consistently proved to be an excellent investment.
On average, a burglary in the U.S. results in $2,000 worth of valuables lost. Compare that against the price of a home security system. Sounds much better, right?

The price you pay for a reliable wireless security system turns out to be quite inexpensive, especially when you consider the potential home insurance premium discount of up to 20%, read more about the insurance discount here and get all the details.

Please watch the video below about why home security systems are a necessity nowadays and help us to share the message!

Service Price Comparison
Company Starts At
FrontPoint Security Call: 844-293-4744 $34.99
per month
ADT Security Call: 877-811-3616,    Promo code: A125330 $36.99
per month
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