Short Summary

  • Security system is entirely wireless
  • Better Business Bureau rates ADT with a flawless A+
  • Low monthly rates start at only $36.99
  • Free mobile app provides complete control of home automation and security
  • Enjoy ADT’s high end luxury cellular security service
  • ADT offers a Mover’s Security Guarantee

ADT Security offers a wide range of equipment and packages that can be customized and tailored to your needs. Consider available options ranging from door and window sensors to outdoor strobes and sirens, phone line monitoring, broadband monitoring and cellular monitoring.
They have been in the industry for a mind boggling hundred years, making it the oldest (and the largest) security provider in the nation.
When you look at the Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating, it is impressive to reflect that that flawless level of service reflects the quality of a full century of security service!
They have obviously continued to evolve and adapt its services with the changing times, so you can safely bet the company will continue to do so.
A technician will set up your system, so you don’t have to do a thing!


ADT is a company that has been around for a long time and provides a lot of options in terms of wireless security solutions.

Pros at a glance:

  • Oldest Alarm Company in Existence
  • Multiple options of equipment and protection packages
  • Remote & Cellular Monitoring
  • BBB Rating of A+
  • Mover’s Security Guarantee
Possible Con:

  • Monthly fee for cellular (may be towards the High-End users

For an introductory ADT home security review, take a moment to view this video:



The history of the company stretches back over a century of providing home & business security, integrated building management and fire alarm systems.
They are probably one of the most well known alarm companies around. ADT has operations in North America, South America and Europe. ADT is a division of Tyco International and has its headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida.



They offer a wide variety of equipment as well as equipment packages that can be customized according to your specific needs.
If you would like more sensors than those offered in the package you choose, you can purchase additional equipment.


Alarm Monitoring

They offer five separate packages, each of which can be utilized with phone line monitoring, broadband monitoring and cellular monitoring.
Here’s a quick overview of the plans:

  • Basic Package: For just $36.99/month, ADT covers the basic needs and equipment.
  • 2-way Voice package: For just $42.99/month, you can utilize two-way voice capabilities, using your wireless control panel as an intercom to speak directly with the monitoring center in emergencies.
  • CellGuard: For just $44.99 per month, you can enjoy around the clock monitoring through ADT’s CellGuard cellular connection. This option is completely wireless, so you do not need a landline.
  • 2-way Voice + CellGuard: Combine the complete coverage of both the 2-Way Voice and the CellGuard packages, for the attractive price of $47.99/month
  • Pulse: For $49.99/month, you get all the features of the other systems, as well as mobile access to your system, enabling you to control your system using your cell phone, tablet, or other web-enabled device.

Customer Service

They have been around for a staggeringly lengthy period of time, proving its record of long term customer service. This record is clearly reflected in the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


They provide a full service professional installation of your alarm system. The company utilizes a Dealer Program that authorizes individual dealers around the nation to provide professional installation for their alarm systems.
It is also worth noting that ADT offers installations for a number of different equipment manufacturers for both hard wired systems as well as wireless alarm systems.

ADT provides a full service installation by a certified technician, the cost of which varies depending on the plan you select:

  • $99 for installations for the Basic or 2-Way Voice packages
  • $199 for installation of CellGuard or the 2-Way Voice + CellGuard


The fact that they have been around for over 100 years is a factor that you cannot forget when choosing your next wireless security provider. Overall, they have good products and good customer service.
If your mind is made up, you can Get Started With Your FREE Quote Now!
If you would prefer a DIY wireless security system, then we suggest reading either Frontpoint Security or Protect America reviews, our top-two rated DIY wireless security system providers in the nation.

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I know that ADT Security is going to be effective if anybody ever tries to get into my home uninvited, and the reason I’m sure it works is because it has worked to keep people safely IN my house! I have mischievous and adventurous kids as well as a sleepwalking husband, and the alarm has alerted me more than once when someone was on the verge of leaving.


I’m a big fan of preventive measures, so I’m thinking the “ADT Security” sign in my yard and stickers on my windows might be the most effective piece of the security I’m paying for. Of course, the only reason that sticker is such an effective deterrent is because of the reputation ADT has built over the years. If anyone actually tried to break in now, they’d be certifiably stupid.


I signed up for ADT because it has such a long standing solid history in the security industry, and I haven’t been disappointed. I’m actually most impressed with the different video camera options that come with it. I’d seen fixed cameras in businesses, but didn’t even realize that was available for a home. Imagine my surprise when the ADT rep started talking about moving cameras, live feeds that I could check online (or from my phone), digital storage of footage, and motion sensored cam… Read more

George Jackson

Pretty much our whole neighborhood got freaked out when one house got robbed. The police said the guy had been casing the place for a while, which had us all feeling creeped out. A bunch of us got together and decided to install ADT security, and we are all sleeping better now. We know our individual homes are secured, and since we all signed up with the same service, we also know that we’re not going to have any suspicious goings-on anywhere near us. I’m pretty sure no one is going to attem… Read more


I accidentally tested my ADT alarm system the other day when I hit my emergency panic button without meaning to. I was embarrassed, but it was actually reassuring to have my phone immediately ring and someone ask if I were okay. I hope I only ever have to talk to them by mistake, but I’m glad to know they’re there if I DO need them!


I have frankly been impressed by the range of equipment options available with our ADT Security contract. I had thought this company would only address issues related to possible break ins, like the sensors and motion detectors, but there’s a lot more here. You can opt for automation of some things in your house (not as comprehensive as some of the full on automation systems that let you control all kinds of appliances, but it does take care of the basics) and safety sensors for carbon monoxid… Read more


I’m not sure whether I should be complaining about ADT Security or the Better Business Bureau. I thought I was doing my research when I looked up their rating for ADT Security before I signed a contract. Since A+ is the best rating, I figured I was in good hands.  But now I’m experiencing all kinds of problems with my equipment and I went back to look more closely at the BBB rating. Wow, how does a company get an A+ rating with nearly five thousand complaints in three years? More than half of th… Read more


I know that if our house ever gets broken into, the “security” part of our ADT Security system will rocket to the top of my list of things to be grateful for. But in the meantime, that list is actually topped by the automated options that came with our security. I’ll admit I was skeptical about the “extras” when we were first signing up, but now I’m feeling totally spoiled and loving the fact that I can turn on lights before I get home, turn up the heat so the place is toasty when I get … Read more

Barbara Rice

I should have recognized a red flag when my security company tried to get extra money out of me for Theft Protection insurance. If the system works the way it’s supposed to, I shouldn’t be losing anything to theft, right? I declined that extra coverage and now I’m feeling shafted all around. Guess what? We had a break in while we were on vacation and our system didn’t trigger. I already knew that cell coverage is spotty out where we live, and I didn’t understand that our security syste… Read more

Jody S.

My favorite thing about ADT is probably the extent to which I was able to customize my system. Most companies seem to come with standardized and pre determined packages of equipment, which seems pretty ludicrous, given how different one home is from another. With ADT we had a consultant come by to assess our set up and make recommendations for a system that would suit our home and our lives. Then we got to make choices about number and placement of sensors, and even some automation options.


My wife has teased me that I should give up my “man card” for admitting this, but I was really pleased by the professional installation by ADT Security. Frankly, I don’t want to fuss around with figuring out and setting up my own system, and I really don’t want to spend an hour on the phone with someone trying to “guide me through” while I figure it out. Please, just send someone to get it working FOR me. And that’s exactly what we got with ADT. No worries, no hassles, no figuring out th… Read more


All I have to say about dealing with ADT is “read the fine print.” We were sold on a contract that was supposed to be for a year (and believe me, we wouldn’t have signed a longer one because we KNEW we were moving out of state) but come to find out the fine print on the contract locked us into three years. I wouldn’t be so steamed if they’d been up front about it, but now I’m feeling tricked. And at this point I have no way to prove that we were told differently, so we’re stuck wit… Read more

Rebecca A.

I admit I was a little wary about having someone come into my house to set up my ADT security system—after all, that’s precisely what I’m nervous about that has me setting up security in the first place. But the installers were understanding and soothed some of my worries; they even sent me a picture of the tech who was arriving at my house so I could confirm it was the right person. I know I can be paranoid, but the fact that they didn’t treat me as if I were unreasonable has turned me … Read more


Our basement just got flooded with spring run-off water, and it was actually the ADT security system that alerted us to the problem before we realized it ourselves. We don’t go downstairs unless we’re grabbing something from storage, so who knows how long the swamp would have been standing down there if the flood sensors hadn’t gone off. We still have a mess to clean up, but it would have been SO much worse without ADT. And to think, that was just an “extra” we tacked on when we signed… Read more

Margaret Poole

I always figure the best measure of a company’s customer service is how they respond when something goes wrong. So I’m writing to say that when our sensors weren’t working properly, ADT sent a repair tech right to the house to get things straightened out. When I think of all the other repair issues I’ve had with appliances and electronics over the years, and how hard I had to work to get anyone to fix those problems, I’m super grateful to ADT for taking care of us so promptly.


I just read some negative reviews of ADT and frankly I’m stumped. I’ve been using ADT for a decade and been totally happy with the equipment (including upgrades as new technology came out) and the service, not to mention the functions. I can’t imagine ever switching, so I’d advise people to take those negative reviews with a grain of salt.

Bettie J

People talk about ADT’s long history as if that were a good thing, and I guess it should say something about a company that sticks around for as long as they have. But from my perspective it’s also looking like a negative, because they seem to be stuck in old ways of doing things. Yes, there’s new technology now, but their pricing and installation are behind the times. When there are so many security companies out there that let you set up your own equipment, why do they think anybody want… Read more


ADT is way too expensive for what you get. I mean, come on, I can get the same type of monitoring and comparable equipment without any up front costs for installation or equipment, and a lower monthly fee on top of that. ADT sucked me in with a supposed discount offer, but now I’m looking at a bill that includes buying equipment, having it installed for several hundred bucks, and then even the lowest monthly rate is way higher than a lot of other companies. I’m wishing I’d gotten a detaile… Read more


I’ll admit that it took a few tries before we got the technician out to install our upgrade to wireless, but we are really happy with the new system. We’ve been ADT customers for a long time (which is why we started out with the land line based system) and we’ve had positive experiences, especially on the few occasions when our alarms went off. Rescheduling installation with the tech was mildly annoying, but that’s a one time irritation weighed against a number of years of satisfactory s… Read more

Peter C.

Was too lazy to install anything by myself, so ADT was a no-brainer. Been satisfied with it, so no complains…at least so far


I couldn’t believe the amount of time the technician spent on our installation, and I mean that in a good way. He came with the basic set up in mind, but he also talked with us, listened to our input, made suggestions about the set up, and really made sure our system was set up to serve us the best it could. If installation is any indication of the services we will enjoy with ADT, we’re already sold! We especially like the “Pulse” service that lets us use our phones to check on the house… Read more

Evelyn Davis