Short Summary

  • Security system is entirely wireless
  • Low monthly rates start at only $29.99
  • Security equipment is provided entirely for free
  • Free activation without start-up fees
  • LifeShield provides innovative and high-tech security
  • Free trial period of 30 days with money back guarantee
  • DIY installation & Technician Installation Options
  • Online tutorials available

Life Shield security lets you get started without any up-front start-up costs, providing free equipment and skipping the activation fees altogether. Their reliable and streamlined security set-up is so simple you can install it yourself!
If you prefer not to fuss with DIY installation, you can also opt to invite a technician to handle installation for you.
There may be no better value for the money than the comprehensive services offered by LifeShield at such a low cost!


When you look at ratings and reviews of home alarm systems, some of the ups AND the downs relate to the proprietary hardware utilized by LifeShield. On the one hand, using their own equipment allows them to offer security for very affordable prices. On the other hand, the potential pitfall to proprietary hardware is the limited selection of items.

Pros at a glance:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & Price Match
  • DIY installation & Technician Installation Options

Possible Con:

  • Proprietary Equipment
  • F Rating with LifeShield security reviews BBB


Established in 2004 under the initial name of InGrid, LifeShield Security is based in Yeardley, Pennsylvania.
The company recently entered into a partnership deal with Protection One, enabling them to provide better service and monitoring to home alarm customers.

Security Equipment

Because LifeShield has designed its own proprietary alarm system technology, the equipment components work together seamlessly. Installations are quick and easy, typically taking less than an hour in total.
The system itself consists of a base and console that interact with alarm sensors within a set grid. If your home exceeds the grid size, you can put optional grid expanders to use.

Alarm Monitoring

LifeShield Security offers the highest rated monitoring in the industry.
The best part about LifeShield is that they are one of the most reasonably priced Home Security Monitoring in the industry. You have the option of choosing between broadband and cellular while every monitoring plan is offered with a free LifeView online and remote access feature.
LifeShield also provides a free mobile monitoring service called LifeView, which allows you to check in on the status of your home remotely.

With three major packages, namely the Value Package, the Gold Package and the Platinum Package, LifeShield offers Interactive services for monitoring with every monthly plan.

Value Package: If you are interested in value for money, this might be the best monitoring package for you. For $29.99 a month, the package includes:

  • Monitoring around the clock for invasion
  • Online & remote access options with LifeView
  • Environmental & life safety emergency coverage

Gold Package: For just $35.99 a month, this package offers:

  • Monitoring around the clock for invasion
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Fire sensors
  • Online & remote access options with LifeView
  • Environmental and life safety emergency coverage
  • Online & remote access options with LifeView

Platinum Package: For just $40.99 a month, this package offers the complete solution:

  • Monitoring around the clock for invasion
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Fire sensors
  • Online & remote access options with LifeView
  • Environmental and life safety emergency coverage
  • Online & remote access options with LifeView
  • Wireless video cameras with feeds available online or via smart phone apps

Customer Service

Although LifeShield Security tries to ensure customer satisfaction with its products, offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Price Match, the company still needs improvement in the customer service area, as evidenced by its BBB rating of F


LifeShield Security leaves it up to their customers to choose between two installation options:

  • Do it yourself (FREE)
  • Installation by a certified technician ($99).

It typically takes less than an hour in total to install the system on your own, but for those who are pressed for time (or uncomfortable with technology), you can also choose technician installation for just $99.
Professional installation includes setting up and activation of the system, as well as a tutorial demonstration. Your LifeShield tech will even remove the pre-existing alarm system equipment if you are replacing an older system.


LifeShield is certainly working its way up the rankings of wireless security providers, even though it still has some improvements to make.
With low prices, a great alarm system, 30 Day Money Back and Price Match Guarantee you actually don’t have anything to lose in selecting LifeShield Security, and many people find it to be the perfect fit.
If the equipment selection is sufficient for your needs, which actually eliminates the problem some folks have with the proprietary equipment.
And even with lower than average historical ratings on customer service, you can see that LifeShield is working to provide resources for its clients, such as the online FAQs and tutorials for those who choose DIY installation, and troubleshooting guides for folks becoming accustomed to the innovative hardware.
This concludes our Lifeshield reviews. If you are not convinced with LifeShield, then we would suggest you to read our Protect America expert reviews

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Customer Reviews


Wait a minute, how did I just “automatically” end up with another three year LifeShield contract I didn’t want? Apparently this service automatically renews your contract without your permission if you don’t specifically tell them you don’t want to renew. I’m going back to look at the fine print on the original contract, because that’s no way to run a company. I’ve been planning to switch when this contract ran out because I keep having issues with the equipment, and now I’m lo… Read more


When I ran into technical trouble with my keypad, I assumed it was “user error,” but the tech on the phone couldn’t figure out how to fix it either. That sentence might sound like the beginning of a complaint, but it’s actually not. The tech shipped me a new keypad that same day, along with a prepaid shipping label so I could send the defective one back. I didn’t even have to wait for the turn around time; they trusted me to send the old one back to them, and I didn’t have to wait ar… Read more


I love the ability to check everything about my Life Shield security system just by opening an app on my phone or tablet. Combined with the remote button that fits on my keychain, this system is super easy to use. I remember the old school alarm system my parents used to have, and it seems almost laughable now. Imagine my dad’s surprise when I was over at their house and got online to show him how I could check the video feed and alarm status at my house across town. Technology is great, isn… Read more


I’ve been using DirecTV for a while now, so it was an easy choice to go with Life Shield when I decided it was time to add home security. It’s great to be working with a company I already trust and getting services I know I can count on. I may not have heard of Life Shield itself before I started looking into security systems, but I know DirecTV’s reputation, and I’m comfortable in the belief that they wouldn’t risk their reputation by associating with a sub standard security system.

Gregory M.

It’s not a good sign when I know a company’s “tech support” people by name. I’ve had to call for help with my Life Shield security almost every week since it was installed. I will say that the tech support folks are unfailingly friendly (should I send them Christmas cards?) but I’m getting increasingly frustrated by the system malfunctions that are requiring this many calls.


I’m loving the live feed video that I can access on my cell phone now that we’ve installed Life Shield security in our house. I know that if an alarm goes off, I can see what’s going on, and I’ve even used the video to check on my teenagers when they’re home ahead of me after school. Who ever thought that security systems would double up in providing peace of mind for a mom? The system is so easy to use, we haven’t yet set it off accidentally, which I was sure I would do. (The kids a… Read more


As embarrassing as it is to admit, my incompetence in the kitchen provided an inadvertent test of our Life Shield security system. A pan of burning bacon smoked up the whole kitchen and set of the security alarm. (Interesting side note: the smoke detectors that came with the house didn’t go off, even though I’d just changed the batteries. Now I’m really glad we have Life Shield!) In less than a minute, we’d received phone calls on both my cell and my wife’s phone, so now we know we’ll get … Read more


I thought Life Shield would be a good fit for our home security because it’s affiliated with the Direct TV service we already use. The idea of dealing with a single company for multiple services seemed appealing at the time. However, it turns out that the security system really isn’t working as advertised. One of the selling points for us was the idea that it operates on cell signal rather than a land line or internet. We live out of town with internet connection that isn’t always reliable… Read more

Frank Schneider

Aside from some initial trouble with the fire sensor that came with my Life Shield equipment, I definitely approve of this company’s service and equipment. The guy who came to install the system even took a little extra time to show me how to use the touch pad control and how to access the system from my phone. It’s little touches like that extra help that will definitely keep my loyalty.


One of the selling points of the Life Shield security system was the idea that all the equipment can be operated on a wireless system so we wouldn’t have to wire everything up. Sounds great, right? It would be, if it worked. Every one of my outdoor cameras quit operating in wireless mode, and the “fix” Life Shield gave me was to hard wire them to the system. That’s exactly what we’d been trying to avoid by making the conscious decision to go with a wireless system.


Right now I’m so glad that Life Shield got me hooked up (literally and figuratively) in just a couple days’ time from when I signed up for their security. I was in a hurry because my next door neighbor just had a break in and I live by myself. Suddenly feeling completely vulnerable, I would have gone with ANY security company that promised they could get me online quickly. And I’m glad that company happened to be Life Shield, because their customer support team seems really helpful and fri… Read more


I asked for a professional installation when I signed up for Life Shield security, with the specific idea that a professional installer would “get it right” where I might screw it up trying to do it myself. I should have saved myself the money, and the hassle. Apparently (I now know, after too many calls to customer service) the installer put the base station out of effective range of several of my sensors, meaning they don’t work. This is exactly the kind of problem a professional installation … Read more


Wow, this Life Shield security system definitely gives you a lot of options. I actually wish they had a more in depth manual or online guide to help with customizing, because I know I’m not maximizing the potential of the system yet. Still, I’ve only had it for a month and I’m pleased with how seamlessly the components work together, and how easy it was to get everything up and running.

Daniel K.

I learned the “hard” way that it’s a little too easy to accidentally hit the panic button on the Life Shield key fob, but that also showed me how well the system works! One (mildly embarrassing) phone call later, I have learned to be careful when I put the key fob in my pocket. And now I know I’ll get an immediate response to that panic button!

Tammy F.

I chose the do-it-yourself option for installing my Life Shield security system, even though I’m not very handy or tech savvy. The reviews made it sound pretty easy to set up, but I started thinking I’d gotten in over my head when I didn’t understand everything about the installation instructions. Life Shield saved the day, though; I called the tech support for guidance (thinking I was probably going to have to give in and schedule a professional installer) and they actually walked me thro… Read more


Our disabled adult daughter moved into an apartment of her own last year, and we were really worried because she hadn’t lived alone before. She agreed to our proposal that we install Life Shield security in her apartment, and all of us have been completely happy with the service! We rest easier knowing that she can get help at a moment’s notice if she needs it, not to mention she’s safe from any intruder who might target a single, disabled woman living alone. I think she’s even more glad t… Read more

Tracy Davis

I recently installed Life Shield security at my house, and I’m a little worried that it’s not working how it’s supposed to. The customer service people told me everything is online and working fine, but I still don’t have answers as to why an accidental alarm last week showed up as “reported” but didn’t make any noise in the house, and didn’t result in a call from Life Shield or an emergency response from the local police. The company insists that everything is fine, but what if … Read more


When I first started researching security options, I was stunned by how much I’d have to spend on the equipment and set up with most companies. I had pretty much figured that home security was out of my reach, until I came across Life Shield. Their equipment is completely free, and they gave me the option of setting it up myself rather than paying someone else to do it. Combined with their really reasonable monthly rates for the monitoring, I can’t imagine why anyone would use any other comp… Read more


Life Shield security is not delivering what they advertised, at least as far as my fixed position out door video camera. It’s mounted up by my garage roof where I can’t get to it easily, and it quit working on the wireless system about six months after we had it installed. Apparently the “solution” (if you can call it that) is to reset it by removing the batteries every time it disconnects itself from the wireless signal. So basically they want me to keep climbing up to the gutter if I w… Read more

Gary E.

I just found out that Life Shield security has a surprisingly helpful policy when something goes wrong with their equipment. When my door sensor started malfunctioning, I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to pay for a replacement. I figured worst case scenario, I was going to be on the hook for the price of a new sensor, and best case they might send a new one without charging me. It never occurred to me that they’d actually offer me extra equipment for free because I went directly to them instead… Read more