Short Summary

  • Security system is entirely wireless
  • Free security camera is included
  • Better Business Bureau rates Protect America with a stellar A-
  • Low monthly rates start at only $19.99
  • Top notch customer care ensures you get the most out of your security investment
  • Try for 14 free days at no risk with a money-back no contract trial

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Protect America offers an entirely wireless security system with a free interactive app for your smart phone or tablet.

Manage your home’s security, automation, energy consumption, and security video feed right in the palm of your hand!

The wireless equipment is so straightforward you can set it up yourself rather than scheduling (and waiting for) a technician to come to your home. They are licensed to operate in all 50 states and three Canadian provinces.

Low Price Guarantee

The price match guarantee is perhaps the most outstanding indication of this company’s confidence in its product and pricing. If you find the same security system being offered at a lower price, they will match that price!
You also have the option of returning your equipment for a full refund within the first two weeks, thanks to their risk free trial guarantee.
With those guarantees lined up, you can be assured that Protect America is giving you the best home security system for the price.


Protect America has been around for 20 years and is the most emulated wireless security company in the industry. They provide reliable security for your entire home at the most affordable rate in the industry, simple as that.
You, your home and your family can trust their easy-to-use 24/7 home security monitoring.
There is also an APP for that! Control your entire home with the press of a button, with Protect America’s SMART connect apps for mobile devices.
Controlling your security just got easier and a lot more fun.

Pros at a glance:

  • FREE equipment
  • NO installation fees
  • BBB Rating of A
  • Flexible and affordable rates starting at $19.99/month
  • Control your home security with your smart phone
  • Easy to set up and install

Possible Con:

  • Some reviewers have reported customer service issues, but there are clearly evident recent improvements addressing that concern

For an introductory Protect America home security system review, take a moment to view this video:


About Protect America

They are a pioneer of wireless home security systems and also offers fire protection and home automation solutions. Since the company’s founding in 1992, they have secured nearly half a million homes in the United States and Canada.

The company is part of the Rockbridge Growth Equity family of companies that includes the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans.

Security Equipment

Their security system enables the user to connect as many as forty different sensors. You can mix and match door and window sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, motion detectors and home automation products.
The control panel keypad can be wall mounted in any room you choose.

Control panel features:

  • Backlit screen (LED)
  • 24 hour backup battery
  • Loud 100dB siren
  • Interactive capabilities for example keychain arming

Alarm Monitoring

They offer three distinct monitoring options to ensure your home’s safety.
Here’s a quick overview of the three plans.

Landline Monitoring:

  • This option is available for those who still use a landline for phone service. You can also add two-way voice options, enabling you to speak directly with a monitoring professional via your control panel speaker.

Broadband Monitoring:

Cellular Monitoring:

  • With a free smart phone app, online and remote access capability is presented in top-of-the-line form. Cellular Monitoring from Protect America is considered to be one of the most reliable and safest monitoring methods due to its speed, satellite connection and lack of dependence on phone line or internet connection.

Customer Service

Although this company did not have a perfect reputation for customer service in its infancy, noticeable changes have since been made to improve customer experience.
Not only have wait times decreased, but it is actually easy to speak with a real person!
They have a Better Business Bureau rating of A (click here to verify), which is the second highest rating within the BBB scale.


This security system is incredibly easy to set up and start using. Even homeowners who do not consider themselves “tech-savvy” will find no difficulty in setting up this system solo.


Protect America has been known to offer their security into five different options, so you can pick what best suits you. As you consider these prices, keep in mind that they do NOT charge any fees for installation, or even for the equipment. Compared to the up-front cost of some services’ equipment, that’s a great savings right off the bat.

  • Copper Package ($19.99 per month) including;
    • 1 Simon XT control panel
    • 3 Door/Window Sensors
    • 1 Motion Detector
  • Bronze Package ($35.99 per month) including;
    • 1 Simon XT control panel
    • 6 Door/Window Sensors
    • 1 Motion Detector
  • Silver Package ($37.99 per month) including;
    • Simon XT control panel
    • 9 Door/Window Sensors
    • 1 Motion Detector
  • Gold Package ($39.99 per month) including;
    • Simon XT control panel
    • 11 Door/Window Sensors
    • 1 Motion Detector
  • Platinum Package ($42.99 per month)
    • 1 Simon XT control panel
    • 14 Door/Window Sensors
    • 1 Motion Detector

Protect America Home Security Packages


Protect America includes free equipment with every package and doesn’t charge unnecessary installation fees. Set it up, plug it in, and start protecting your home in a very short amount of time.

The system is customizable and compatible with smart phone apps, so you can control your home’s security from anywhere at any time.

If you are looking for DIY security system information you can read our diy security system reviews or if your mind is made up, you can Get Started With Your FREE Quote Now!

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Customer Reviews


This company can seriously scam you if you don’t pay attention to details or fine print. For one thing, you’re supposed to have a window of time to cancel if you’re not satisfied after getting things set up. Something went wrong with the shipping of my equipment and it was bouncing around in postal limbo for a while, so I went ahead and signed with another company that could get me set up right away. When my Protect America equipment (finally, belatedly) arrived, I called to say I was taki… Read more


I find myself wondering how Protect America manages to provide the level of one-on-one attention to their customers that they do! Maybe it’s because it would cost even more man-hours to send out a professional installer to all their clients’ homes, but I was still impressed at the time their service representative spent on the phone with me, walking me through the installation process. It’s even nicer that I didn’t have to pay anyone to do the installation, or wait around waiting for the… Read more


“Simon Says” has become our new household joke. If you don’t already have Protect America equipment, you won’t find that funny until you meet the “Simon XT control panel” that acts like the heart and the brain of the system. Simon says our family is definitely safe these days, thanks to motion detectors and sensors and a quick response time from the monitoring center. Simon even talks to our cell phones when we’re not home, thanks to the downloadable app that helps us keep tabs on … Read more


I’m just starting with Protect America Security, and I still can’t believe all the equipment I got for free. When I was looking into different options, it seemed like every company came with an up front cost for all the equipment I’d have to buy, but with Protect America I just had to sign up for the plan of my choice, and the equipment came for free. I’d been worried about hidden costs, too, thinking that the total bill for starting up with any company might come to something higher tha… Read more

Merle D.

When I first signed up with Protect America, I was worried about that three year contract. It seemed like a pretty big commitment, especially given that I’d owe for the whole three years if I wanted to cancel early. But I was worrying needlessly, because I’m perfectly happy to be “stuck” with this service. I’ve even seen a solid improvement in the customer service aspect since I first signed on; on the rare occasion when I have reason to call these days, I invariably end up talking wit… Read more


Call me a micromanager, but I’m a happy micromanager now that I have Protect America at work to keep my home safe. I’m the kind of person who revels in being offered options and working out all the details to best suit my needs. That’s definitely a reason why Protect America appealed to me right off the bat: I had a buffet of packages to choose from (not to mention choices of different monitoring media, from landline to broadband and cell signal), and got to set up the equipment exactly how … Read more


If I had stayed in the same house for the entire length of my contract with Protect America, I probably wouldn’t have any complaints, but when I moved into assisted living (on site security already provided) and wanted to cancel my contract early, I was told I had committed to the cost of the full contract even if I didn’t keep using the system for the full amount of time. Basically, you should look at the total price of the months on your contract period, and know that you are looking at th… Read more


I can’t think of a better deal than the one we’re getting from Protect America. Seriously, do the math: if you take any other security company’s pricing, including the cost of equipment and installation, and add up the total you would be spending for a year’s service, I’ll just about guarantee you’ll come up with a higher total cost than Protect America. The monthly payments here may be a touch higher, but with no cost for the equipment, we’re coming out ahead for sure.

Tom Foster

The Protect America monitoring center might secretly hate me, but I have to write and say that I love them. They have patiently (and quickly!) responded to every single false alarm at our house, set off by cats and kids and even a freak wind storm one time. And unlike the “boy who cried wolf,” the fact that our house has triggered so many alarms does not seem to make any difference to that response time. If we ever actually DO have an emergency, I know they’ll be there calling us in a matt… Read more


I am really glad for the video surveillance option I’m getting through Protect America. Alarms go off sometimes by accident, and when I’m away from home I want to know why. This way, when I get a call from the monitoring center I can take a look and see what’s up, and whether I actually need an emergency response.


technology and cellular signal for the alarm service. It’s been a number of years since the last time I paid for security, and the old kind had to be hooked up through the phone line. We have frequent power outages and downed lines where I live, so I always saw that as a vulnerability in the system. With backup batteries in my equipment and a signal that doesn’t rely on the phone line, I feel assured now that the alarms will work when I need them, regardless of weather or circumstances.


When I signed up for Protect America security, I wasn’t expecting to move before my contract was up, but stuff happens—I ended up having to get out of my old place and into a new one, and I was worried I’d have to break my contract and owe a bunch of money. Instead, Protect America sent me a free “relocation kit” and I was set up with my same service in the new place in no time.


Thank goodness for the lifetime warranty on Protect America equipment! My control panel and most of the sensors took a dive after a kitchen fire caused some smoke damage to the equipment, I was worried I would have to buy new equipment even though I hadn’t had to pay for the equipment when I first got it. The warranty covered it, though, and I had all new equipment delivered to my door within the week.

Richard Smith

I’m glad I have in house “tech support” in the form of my teenage kids, not because the Protect America equipment installation was difficult, but because the kids got me all set up with the remote control app on my phone. Now I can turn the alarms on and off and check on the system even when I’m not there. The kids think it’s the coolest thing ever to control the house while we’re driving in the car, but it’s more than a gimmick or gadget; I don’t worry when I’m pulling into th… Read more


I know this isn’t the traditional use for a home alarm system, but it just goes to show how useful and helpful our Protect America service has been to us. My husband had a medical emergency last week, at night when our sensors were armed, and all I had to do to get help on the phone was to throw open the nearby door that’s connected to our alarm system. In a matter of seconds, Protect America was on the phone, and they got the emergency teams on the way to us immediately. I was in such a sta… Read more


I love the variety of sensors and alarms you can choose with Protect America. We got some of the standard sensors for door and windows, but we didn’t have to stop there. There’s a tilt sensor on our garage door that triggers an alarm if it starts to open when the system is armed, and we put a glass break sensor on our sliding glass patio door, which would be a vulnerable point otherwise. There are even available detectors for flood and fire and carbon monoxide, so you can really cover all yo… Read more

Satisfied customer

I keep wanting Protect America to come through for me, because I love the idea of the many choices I have, from different packages and different levels of monitoring to the fact that I can add whatever components I want to my own security system. But I keep being frustrated with the customer service aspect, and that colors my overall experience. I’ve been told that my account didn’t exist, I’ve been told (more than once) that a problem had been “fixed” when it clearly hadn’t, and I… Read more

Scott D.

Am I the only person who has used the live video feed from Protect America to check on what kids are up to at home? Probably not; I’m not the only person with teenagers. This is like the next step up from a nanny cam, and that’s just a side benefit. I’m so much more relaxed now that I can check my house remotely, and I would know in an instant if anything went wrong. My cell phone gets text messages if anything suspicious happens when the system is armed, and I can even check from my work … Read more


Protect America is definitely up with the times when it comes to using technology. I used to have to wait on hold on the phone for what seemed like forever, but these days I can email a question or get on the live chat online. Heck, they’re even using social media, though I’ve never had reason to go beyond the helpful chat support.


I’ve talked to lots of people who are happy with Protect America, so maybe I just got a bad  box of equipment. Bottom line, though, the sensors keep malfunctioning and the monitoring company is tired of dealing with my false alarms. When I called the customer “support” line (and yes, I’m using that word sarcastically), I felt like they blew off everything I said. Definitely the guy I was talking to didn’t know enough to solve the problem. I can see why customer support gets low marks … Read more

Jason Hunt

After installing Protect America, I recognized that my door sensor didn’t work. I called one of the customer support agents and he promised to send me a replacement part. It took days to get a new one. All working now, but I hope this trend doesn’t continue since I kinda like their system

Clyde L

I have been using the Protect America home security system for two months now. It’s pretty decent, but needs improvements in several key areas. For example, the app is not that impressive and it will take a lot of time to get information you need. In addition, the battery does not have the potential to provide power for this system for more than 10 hours. I also figured out that there is no proper communication between their retention and customer service departments. Once I had to experience … Read more

Patrice Williams

This has to be the best wireless security system available in the market nowadays. The features you get for the money are totally worth every penny!

Francisco M.

Last week I was able to purchase the latest Protect America wireless security system for my home. The motion sensing part of this security system grabbed my attention from the very first day. I placed them near the windows and it detects signals as it should. On the top of that, the customer service has been pretty helpful….just had to call a couple of times to get things sorted out, so overall I’m pretty happy with it.


I have been using this home security system over the past six months. So far I’ve had excellent customer service from the company. I could easily clarify all the issues and doubts I had in mind with just a single phone call. The setting up process was simple and this is much more convenient than the wired system I had before. The entire system works great and I would like to recommend it to anyone.


When I was looking for a home security company, I came across Protect America. It is a leading home security service provider in the country with no upfront costs. That is because you can simply install the wireless home security system on your own without getting the help of professional installers. Installation instructions are provided along with the package and I just had to follow them in order to get what I want. Even though it’s an affordable home security system, you can expect all the… Read more

Matthew Robson

Protect America offers a 100% wireless home security system. Therefore, I didn’t have to go through the hassle of drilling holes in my walls and messing around with the cables. The motion detectors are effective and at least so far haven’t give any false alarms. This is definitely one of the best DIY security system that anyone could ask for.

Jimmy Tech

I was looking for a reliable home security system and decided to try Protect America since it has one of the biggest customer base in the country. In addition, they have maintained an excellent customer reputation over the past 20 years. I was right and I made the right move to install a Protect America home security system in my place. They offer the best possible service that a home security company could offer. The top quality products perform really well and the customer support service is p… Read more

Cynthia A.

My experience with Protect America is an excellent one and I highly recommend this company to all the home owners out there. The products are easy to use and they can be configured easily. On top of that, I didn’t have to go through any hassle while using those products. If you are looking for the most convenient home security system, Protect America is the best option available out there.


I have been using Protect America home security system for the past two years. The amazing experience I have with their products tells me that I will stick to their products forever!

Nicole R.