10 Cheaper Ways to Prevent Burglaries

Published: Jun 10, 2015 at 07:49 UTC
10 Cheaper Ways to Prevent Burglaries

It is certainly true that technology has improved home security systems, but this isn’t the only way to prevent burglaries. In fact, there are a few common, and cheaper methods to stop thieves from making away with your belongings. Your landscaping, the way you position your vehicle and cheaper items can help. Below, you will discover some of the easiest and cheapest ways to prevent burglars from entering your home.


The Expenses of Security Systems

Although the prices will generally vary depending on provider and equipment, it is true that security systems can be on the expensive side. On the low end of the spectrum, the installation and equipment can cost the consumer anywhere near $600. On the higher end, it is possible for the total cost to soar up to $800 or more. A lower end, DIY security system, such as Ninja Blocks, might be sufficient, if you have a smaller home. However, this is generally not enough to prevent the burglars altogether. The information below can help curb theft, while also saving money.


Dummy Surveillance Cameras

Although these objects might not be highly innovative, or powerful, they can still appear so. While you might know that they’re nothing more than a decoy, that pesky thief might not be so knowledgeable. In some cases, the sheer presence of a security camera will instantly divert the thief away from your house. These are very beneficial, as long as you place them in a location, where they’ll be easily visible. On the plus side, it is possible to purchase a single camera for under $10.


Proper Landscaping

Although you might be taken aback at first glance, this has nothing to do with the beautification of your home. With proper landscaping, it is possible to avoid giving the thief a place to hide outside. Be sure to cut bushes and keep the grass cut low.


Avoid Giving Access to Thieves Through Social Media

Sure, social media is an excellent way to communicate with your friends. When you go on a vacation, you may feel the urge to post pictures on your social media page. However, this is a bad idea. Burglars could very well be lurking your pages and waiting for this type of information. If they know you’re away, they’ll be able to break into your home much easier!


Fake Security Decals

Truthfully, these work very similar to the fake security cameras. Purchase a few fake security decals and throw them on your windows. Unsurprisingly, it is possible to purchase a bundle of these for under $10. It is helpful, if you place them in all windows, or at least those that are visible from the street. It is likely the would-be thief will hightail it, once they get a glance of the sign.


Leave Your TV On

Leaving your television on, while you’re away, is a good way to convince people that someone is home. It is possible to do this, even if you’re going to be away for a few days. The electric bill might go up a little, but it’ll hardly be noticeable. Obviously, if the burglar believes the TV is on, they’ll believe someone is home and hopefully go the other way.


Deadbolts and Reinforced Doorjambs

Deadbolts are much more secure than your average door lock. By enhancing them, with a reinforced doorjamb, you can ensure that your door will not be easily kicked in. The deadbolt cannot be forced open with a credit card, which is common with turn handle locks. For as little as $15, you can equip your door with a sufficient single cylinder deadbolt.


Securing Windows

Windows can be the easiest and most common way for thieves to get inside of your home. Although it is possible to equip them with security alarms, there is actually an easier way to prevent them from being pried open from the outside. By sticking a perfectly sized 2×4, or piece of metal inside of the window, you will be able to stop them from being opened. Obviously, the object will wedge inside and stop the burglar from gaining access.


Windows Security Alarms

With the crime rates increasing, many homeowners are beginning to arm their homes with window security alarms. There are innumerable types to choose from and your choice will solely rely on your necessity and budget.

  • Window Vibration Alarm
  • Glass Break Alarm
  • Window Slide Away Alarm

While many of these devices can be securely installed to your window frame or glass very simply, they are still very reliable. Of course, you will need to purchase one for each window within your home and this can run into a sustainable amount of money, if your home has a lot of installed windows. It is a good idea to place these in all of your windows including those that you may think are out of reach to burglars, because they can become extraordinary gifted like Spiderman. These range from $10-$35, so you can easily choose the type that suits your needs better.


Motion Sensor Alarms

These devices come with a base and a motion detector sensor, which can easily be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors. Many are constructed out of weather-resistant materials. The base will need to be placed inside of your home, since it is what makes the sound, when the sensor is triggered. The sound volume can also be adjusted per your preference, so that it does not interfere with your daily activities.

The sensor can be adjusted for sensitivity and can detect up to a thirty-foot radius or less. The security base needs to be hooked up to an electrical source, but the motion alert sensor is wireless. These are very reliable and will take the guesswork out of whether or not a burglar is trying to gain access into your home, garage, or storage building.


Motion Detector Lights

Motion detector lights are also very useful, because they can alert a homeowner to a stranger’s presence. The lights will come on and lighten up the entire area, when the sensor is triggered. Many individuals are choosing to place these near their garage, doors, and dark areas around the home. Most motion detector lights must be installed and hooked up to electricity, before they will function, but the installation process is very simple.



Overall, each of these individual methods can be used to help curb burglaries. However, they work better, when collaborating with one another. Even if your home is equipped with a proper security system, you should still take advantage at least some of the items mentioned above.

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