10 Personal Security Tips for Travelers

Published: Sep 02, 2015 at 08:01 UTC

When attempting to travel, it is vital to take extra precautions. This is especially true when traveling to a far away, unknown land. Aside from relying on a Traveler’s Checklist, it is also vital to know the security tips that will keep you and your belongings safe. 10 personal security tips for travelers can be found below:

1. Check Back Again

Once you get up and leave the motel or café, it is vital to make sure that you glance back behind you. Hackers and schemers are now targeting smart devices, which means they’ll ready to pounce on your smart phone!

  • Smart Devices
  • Personal Information
  • Backpack

Make sure that all of these things are taken with you, at all times! Leaving them behind will put in a dilemma and could possibly give a schemer an opportunity.

2. Keep Separate Money Stashes

When traveling, you’re going to need money. However, it is vital to not carry around a wallet full of cash. Instead, it is best to keep separate stashes. A small amount in your wallet and a credit card in your briefcase or suitcase is perfect!

3. Back Pocket Billfold No No

In your regular environment, you know your surroundings and likely won’t have to worry about pickpockets. Depending on where you’re traveling, this might become a major problem. With this in mind, never keep your wallet in your back pocket! If you do, it’ll be gone, before you know it.

4. Try Travel Insurance

There is no doubt that travel insurance can be astoundingly expensive, but it can help. If your vehicle breaks down, the insurance will back you up! Overall, it is definitely worth looking into.

5. Always Attend to Your Belongings

When you sit down at a restaurant, you’re likely going to drop your belongings on the ground. At home, this might not be a problem. Abroad, this could turn into a catastrophe. Be sure to keep an eye on your stuff at all times.

6. Don’t Fight It

In the best-case scenario, you won’t face a mugger. However, you cannot say this for certain, so it is imperative to know exactly how to behave, if you do. Honestly, it is best to just give up your belongings. Attempting to fight will only escalate the situation further.

7. Avoid the Beggars

Depending on where you’re traveling, you may very well encounter a ton of beggars. Although you might feel the urge to give them money, you shouldn’t. If people see you handing out money on the street, they might mistake you for someone rich and target you out.

8. No Credit Cards at Internet Cafes

When visiting an Internet café, you might feel the urge to log into your account or use your credit card. This can be a horrible idea. There may be key logger software on the computers. Typing in your information will give it over directly to the thieves.

9. Don’t Play with the Stray

We all love our pets, but you must contain yourself and avoid petting the stray animals! Not only could they attack you, but they might be infected! Don’t worry, you’ll be back home to your furry friends in no time.

10. Stay Connected

Finally, it is vital to stay connected. Always remain in touch with your friends and family. Being able to view your home’s security camera is always reassuring. Although you might leave your old life behind for a while, you eventually have to go back. Be sure to keep up with the things going on back home.


Traveling is fun and comforting. Most people will never experience a problem, but some will. Be sure to follow the information above to avoid putting yourself in harm’s way.

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