Outdoor Lighting That Easily Improve Home Security

Published: May 30, 2015 at 08:01 UTC

Lighting up your home and its surrounds is a sure way to make your abode safer, and make it an unattractive target for thieves and burglars. Here are three easy outdoor lighting solutions which will improve safety and increase reassurance in and around your home.

Internal lights set to operate with timers

One simple lighting solution is to coordinate and setup the internal house lights to switch on at night for a given amount of time. This gives the illusion that someone is home and may deter burglars from entering the property.

Lights can be synchronized via timers, or at a more sophisticated level, a C-Bus control system can be installed in the house, to be managed via remote control while on the premises, and even remotely by mobile devices.

Night watch lights to brighten the outside of your home

Outside the home, a good idea is to ensure the exterior of your house is well lit so that neighbors and even people passing by have better visibility of your property. A night watch light shines onto the house from a power pole on the street and can be set to switch on with a timer or to illuminate automatically once natural light levels drop in the evening.

For the same purposes, solar garden lights can also be installed to illuminate the garden and surrounds of your home. Solar lighting has the added advantage of still operating in a blackout or in the instance that the power is cut to the property.

Fixed outdoor lighting not only offers security benefits to the property but also increases your visibility, safety and the safety of others when moving around the property at night.

Sensor lighting and motion detectors

Another easy way to boost confidence and security around the home is to install outdoor motion detector lights, with the following features;

  • A very simple device
  • Reasonably priced
  • Automatically turns lights on when the sensor detects movement
  • The light can be adjusted and controlled to stay on for a selected amount of time
  • The sensor can be adjusted to boost or limit its sensitivity.

This solution is without question one of the easiest and most affordable to implement and perhaps the most popular and common of outdoor lighting solutions.

Don’t be left in the dark and look into implementing some or all of the above solutions today.

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