9 Steps To Improve Your Home Security

Published: Apr 25, 2015 at 07:56 UTC
9 Basic Steps for Better Home Security

 The crime rate all around the country is on the rise, which is causing many consumers to take further steps to improve the security of their homes. It is certainly true that a home security system might be enough, but there are a few others things that can help tremendously. Some of these are expensive, while others can be achieved for a few dollars. Below, you will find 10 basic steps for improving the security of your home.


Hide all Wiring

It is absolutely imperative to keep all wiring hid and out of sight. This is crucial for all aspects of your home security system, but other electrical elements, as well.

  • Security Systems
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Break Boxes

It is crucial to make sure that each of these is hidden effectively. If thieves are apt to find and cut these cables, they’ll be able to gain access to your home with ease! Of course, this will cause you more problems than you could ever imagine. With the wires cut, you may very well be forced to rewire a specific portion of your home. Avoid leaving wires exposed to help prevent future problems.


Give the Presence of an Occupied Home

Unsurprisingly, criminals are much less likely to make their move, if they believe the house to be occupied. If you leave the television or lights on, this will help to deter thieves. At the same time, propping up a figure in the window can help. Although home invasions can happen, they’re much less frequent than other types of burglaries. Leaving the radio on and flipping to a talk radio station is a good way to convince those outside that someone is inside of the home.


Properly Hide your Key

If you’re worried about getting locked outside, you should avoid hiding your key in those usual spots. Don’t stick it under the welcome mat. In fact, you should avoid all of the usual places, which have been laid out below.

  • Mailbox
  • Under the welcome mat
  • Underneath your car’s floorboard
  • In the flowerbed

Instead, come up with a better method for avoiding being locked out. If this is a major concern, you should consider installing a number padded entry on your door.


Properly Support Doors

Properly supporting your entryway doors is vital! Besides reinforcing the doorjambs and using interior door hinges, it is also helpful to install deadbolt locks on your doors. In order to ensure that all occupants inside of the house are able to escape in the event of a fire, it is best to use single cylinder deadbolts. This will give everyone the ability to escape easily. By following these tips, you will be able to help prevent thieves from bashing your door down.


Secure the Windows Properly

Of course, thieves often target the windows, since they’re much easiest to pry open. With this in mind, it is imperative to ensure that you take extra precautions to keep your doors secure. Double pane windows are a suitable choice, since they’re much more difficult to break. Window alarms are very helpful and will alert you, when they have been opened.


Cleaning Up After Service Visits

Having someone enter your house to maintenance or repair your plumbing or electricity is important. Still, it is essential to make sure that you check your locks, after they’ve gone. Although many of these individuals are more than trustworthy, there have been cases to the contrary. Thieves often gain cooperative access to the home, before unlocking the windows. With this done, they’ll come back later and enter the home with ease. Therefore, you should check the windows and report any suspicious behavior to the appropriate authorities.


Battery Powered Security Systems

Although there are some benefits to security systems that rely on electricity, they can also be very flawed. When the power goes out, these systems can leave your home vulnerable to thieves. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that a battery backs up your security system. This type of additional equipment will help to ensure that your home is safe and secure, at all times.


Consider a DIY Security System

While many consumers are oblivious to the situation, there are many DIY security system benefits that you may wish to take advantage of. Not only do these systems provide you with the ability to set up everything on your own, but also they can actually provide you with a cheaper alternative. These systems are suitable for homeowners, renters and even apartment dwellers. The opportunities are nearly endless.


Take Better Care of your Vehicles

Obviously, this has nothing to do with your vehicle’s maintenance. Instead, you should take the time to ensure that your vehicle is properly positioned outside of your home. Make sure that the thieves will not be able to use your vehicle, as a hiding place. At the same time, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle or vehicles remain locked at all times.

Since the garage is usually one of the weakest parts of the home, the burglars will instantly target it, in hopes of gaining access. In this regard, they’ll break into the car, if they cannot get into the home. Therefore, all vehicles, regardless of location, should remain locked.

And do not forget to lock that door going to your garage from inside your house, especially if you have a remote garage opener in your car.



Securing your home doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but those costly systems and security cameras can definitely help. By following all of the steps above and enhancing the security of your home, you can help to prevent a burglar from stealing your belongings and your peace of mind.


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