Add Wireless Cameras To Your Wireless Security System

Published: Mar 26, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
Adding Wireless Cameras To Your Wireless Security System

With several improvements in technology wireless cameras have become an integral part of any wireless security system. It is highly recommended that you include a couple of cameras in your wireless security system no matter how small or big your house is.

Sensors and alarms have always been the main components of any security system but cameras have not performed that well in the past. However, modern wireless cameras have become an integral part of the wireless security system due to the improved technology. These cameras have great features and clear visuals, and their real-time use have made them a must-have in any wireless security system. If you are looking for security systems on the internet you are highly recommended to have a couple of cameras included in your package along with other types of sensors. Here are the reasons why you must have cameras added to your security system.

They Now Provide 24/7 Surveillance

You must know that the black & white cameras with unimpressive visuals are not what you get with wireless security system today. These cameras have improved technology and the difference can be seen at any time by watching an online demo of a particular surveillance camera on the vendor’s website. No matter how cloudy it is outside or how dark the night is, the night vision technology is there to give you a clean visual at any given moment. No burglar will now be able to hide his identity due to the night vision technology. Make sure that the cameras on your wireless security system have this feature on them.

The Video Is Available At Hand

Now, it’s the customer who decides what to keep and what not.Your wireless security system can have a storage device connected to it so the video data is stored on this device. If you don’t wish to spend money on a storage device and then go through the hassle of keeping it safe and maintained, you can opt for online data storage. All the video data recorded from your camera goes directly on the website of your service provider and is available for you to watch whenever you want. By accessing your online account on your tablet, smartphone or computer you can watch every second of the video recorded from your camera.

They Can Be Controlled In Real-Time

There was no concept of controlling the motion of your cameras in the past but now there is. The high-end wireless cameras on today’s wireless security system can be controlled by the user in real-time. All you need to have is the smartphone application to control the movement of the camera. You can pan, zoom and even rotate the camera in your desired direction with real-time controls. All of this can be performed remotely, while sitting in the office or enjoying vacations in another country.

They Are More Intelligent And Powerful

If you don’t wish to record every second of what’s happening in your house or in front of your main door, you can go for a motion sensing camera. This is the best camera for your wireless security system if you wish to save money on storage of the video data. This camera starts recording only when it senses motion within the specified range. The camera is on standby mode for as long as there is no motion. Furthermore, you can now add cameras to your wireless security system that are weatherproof so you can mount them outside your house with no worries.

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