Best Wireless Security System With Optional Features

Published: Apr 15, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Additional Features That Can Come in a Best Wireless Security System

This article is about additional features that should be incorporated in a best wireless security system, so that the home can be secured completely.

A best wireless security system comes with many features that are helpful in protecting a property. Below are a few of the important features that are ‘Must-have’ in all the security systems. Some of best wireless security systems already come with these, but ones that don’t come with these features must have them:

Motion Sensors

This is one of the important features that need to be incorporated in the package of a best wireless security system.This feature can detect some sensitive and suspicious motions in the house as this feature is of highly sensitive nature. This option also exempts people who have pets or kids so that false alarms can be avoided and a secure environment may remain intact.

Customized Settings

The people can customize settings on the keypad of wireless security systems according to their own desires. People can change different options according to their needs which is very helpful for home owners. In addition to it, people can set the keypad differently when they are sleeping or are not at home to attend the keypad.

Back Up for Battery

Power outage is one of the main concerns for home owners who always want to ring their alarms at appropriate time. The best wireless security system has back up batteries, so in case power goes off, the alarm still rings with the battery which keeps the home secure as always. If power is off, the intruders will think that alarms would not turn on but as he tries to open or break windows, the alarms will ring due to life saving battery backups. This feature should be incorporated in a wireless security system,so that your home can be saved thoroughly.

Access Alarms For Window And Doors

This additional feature can maximize the utility of a best wireless security system as alarms can be set to all doors and windows but the number of alarms also depends on the client to which windows and doors he wants to put alarms. As soon as the intruders approach any door or window, it enables the alarms and security agencies are notified at the earliest. This system can be incorporated without addition of any complexity of wires.

Voice Activated Dial

This additional feature can also make your life so easy that you will repent why you did not install it before. This feature is very beneficial for the elder and handicapped people in your home. With this feature, the elderly can call the emergency service with help of the voice activated dialing. The machine will recognize the voice and call the emergency services that will come for help at the earliest. This service is very helpful when you want to leave the elderly or handicapped members of your family alone at home.


There are so many features like detection of smoke, fire, monoxide and glass breaking sensors which act as main features in a best wireless security system. But above mentioned additional features should also be incorporated in a home security system so that protection of the family members can be optimized and family can live at peace.

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