ADT BBB Rating Targets Buyer Trust

Published: Apr 19, 2014 at 15:38 UTC
ADT BBB Rating Targets Buyer Trust

When it comes to the safety of your family or loved ones, you need to know that you can trust the company on whom you rely to keep your home and family safe. ADT has now raised the industry bar for obtaining consumer trust by having the ADT BBB Rating upgraded from B+to A by the Better Business Bureau on March 2014.

UPDATE for 2016. ADT BBB Rating has been upgraded to A+ by the Better Business Bureau (Click here to verify). Read our expert review and customer reviews here.

Consumer Trust Drives the Security Industry

There can be no second guessing when it comes to securing your family home or business from potential intruders. You research the industry, speak to company reps, consult with neighbors and friends, and make your well-informed decision based on feedback, ‘gut feeling’ and the responsiveness of the company to your needs. It’s nice to know then, that some home security companies genuinely appreciate your concerns, and are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that they are worthy of winning your trust. This was demonstrated as recently as March of 2014, when the ADT BBB rating was reviewed and rewarded.

What does the ADT BBB Rating Mean?

The BBB rating is an ‘additional’ piece of information that is publicly available about ADT to anyone researching details relating to the company. The criteria for awarding a rating upgrade is based on information that the BBB has on file about ADT and, more specifically, its assessment of the company’s level of consumer approval and determination to resolve customer issues and complaints. An ‘A’ rating is the second highest that the BBB assigns, and is an endorsement of ADT’s ethics and statement of intention that it has made in the way that it conducts its affairs.

How the ADT BBB Rating Impacts You

If you are in the market for a wireless or other system of home or business security, it is in your best interests to align yourself with a company that has ‘officially’ proven its commitment to your satisfaction. ADT actively sought accreditation with the BBB and dedicated itself to receiving an upgrade in status. For those who enlist ADT as their security provider of choice, this means that you can expect to receive swift responses to your enquiries, safeguarded privacy, and the embodiment of integrity in all of your transactions with them. By upgrading the ADT BBB rating, the BBB has also intentionally upgraded the level of trust that you can place in them.

Another ADT Arrow in the Bow of Security Customers

When the ADT BBB rating was announced on March 7 2014, it was another arrow in the successful bow of one of the industry’s leading security, automation and monitoring companies that expands the US and Canada. It was also a boon for you as a security systems prospect and customer. Not many know that ADT works alongside the Council of Better Business Bureaus to support and promote trust between customers and security solutions providers. The positive flow-on effect of this is legitimate advertising, competitive pricing and a genuine interest in enhancing their image and trust rating to earn your confidence and approval.

Should the BBB Rating Influence Your Provider Choice?

You owe it to yourself to at least investigate the qualities that shaped ADT’s current upgrade and you can start by reading our ADT Reviews. Whilst the ADT BBB rating is important, the BBB only provides a guiding path as to which security companies are worth your trust. The focus of your attention should be on the values that ADT has exhibited in order to achieve the A rating result. Given that the BBB can downgrade the company’s rating if it stumbles in maintaining your trust, ADT is unlikely to jeopardize its new position, but will instead continue to work with you to meet your security needs.

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