ADT Home Security Reviews Ranks The Company High

Published: Oct 15, 2014 at 08:52 UTC
ADT Home Security Reviews List this Company as the Consumer Favorite

According to many ADT home security reviews, ADT the company is the undisputed leader of home security solutions within the home security industry.

Whilst this opinion is shared by many who have dealt with the company, the claim is debatable given that ADT reviews, like those of other companies, may have an element of subjectivity about them.

Regardless, when there are multiple raving reviews of any one particular security provider, it encourages you to dig deeper to discover the reason for the glowing feedback. Following are the highlighted thoughts put forward by the reviews.

A well-established provider

There are dozens of tiny home security companies in the US, but many of their customers have come to regret partnering with them. The reason for this is quite simple; the smaller suppliers are not particularly stable and can often close down and disappear without notice.

As pointed out in many reviews, this is bad news for a customer, especially when they purchased special security equipment that can be used again. They may also have had contracts with these providers which are then rendered useless. Of course, there is the added inconvenience of having to find a new security provider.

The long-standing history of ADT

As noted in most ADT home security reviews, ADT has been in business for 140 years, and in American terms that is a lifetime. The implications of this for the home security market are evident; ADT has endured throughout all of the changes that the industry has experienced, and they have survived.

This shows their level of commitment to the industry and their belief in the systems that they sell. As a prospective home security alarm owner, it is important to know that your provider has such an unrivalled level of experience.

Belief in the most modern equipment

If you have examined only a few well-written reviews, it will already be evident to you that ADT is on board with providing the market with the best alarm equipment for your home’s security and safety.

The best security reviews will have illuminated how ADT’s top security product is their wireless home security system. This system delivers more features and benefits than the previously market favored wired security system could ever provide.

ADT’s wireless home alarm packages are the complete solution which works for houses, apartments, home owners and renters alike.

Highly rated BBB solution

Not all ADT reviews will mention this important fact, however it was reported in March 2014 that ADT received an upgrade in its rating from B+ to A by the Better Business Bureau.

This grade is based on several factors, not least of which is the company’s commitment to resolving and closing customer issues and complaints, and their overall standard of service levels to their existing customers.

BBB rating upgrades are not given easily, which means that the ADT reviews that mention ‘trust’ as a strong feature within the company are likely to be true.

The consumer favorite

Many ADT home security reviews have confidently proclaimed that ADT is the favorite provider in the home security market. This may indeed be consistent with the opinions of many consumers, however, you owe it to your family to do your own investigation and then make this decision for yourself. Given their longevity and experience, they will certainly be close to the top of your list.


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