Advantages Of Do It Yourself Home Automation Door Locks

Published: May 03, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
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Today, when one here home improvement, they often hear the words “home automation” attached to the phrase. Home automation technology is the future, because it can transform your home or business into a safe, stress-free environment. Home automation door locks are plentiful and can be found in just about any home improvement and online retail store. Below, you will discover the advantages of home automation door locks.

Superior Convenience

Home automation door locks can be installed on interior and external doors. This makes this great for those trying to install a do it yourself home automation system. In fact, there are several models on the market that are designed for indoor use only. It is important to note this very important fact, when shopping for a new automated lock. Interior locks are not designed for outdoor use, since they are not water or weatherproof. Now, you are probably wondering how these door locks can offer homeowners superior convenience.

Well, for one, you will never have to concern yourself about opening your home entrance door, with a mechanical key ever again. The home automation lock is integrated with wireless technology, so they can easily communicate with various types of mobile devices including:

• iPhone
• Tablet
• PC
• iPad
• Android phone

This basically means that all you need to do is download the associated app to your mobile device and then pair with the home automated door lock. This process only takes a couple of seconds, before you will be able to unlock/lock your door, using your mobile device.

Optional Locking and Unlocking Methods

All home automation locks offer various locking and unlocking options. Many of these devices will be equipped with a touch keypad, which can easily be programmed to accept innumerable key codes. With this option, all you will need to do is input the key code into the keypad and presto, the door will open.

Another option will be to utilize the hand-free technology. To help you better understand the concept behind this technology, lets break it down into simple terminology. Both the home automation lock and your mobile device have been integrated with Bluetooth technology, which allows the devices to communicate with each other. When you arrive home, get out of your vehicle, and walk toward your entrance door, with your mobile device on your persons, the lock will open once you enter the Bluetooth range. This hands-free method is preferred over the other options, because it offers a tremendous amount of convenience, especially when your hands are full.

Most of the models on the market are also embedded with a mechanical key hole. This allows all homeowners to unlock their door, using the traditional method, if the lock for some reasons malfunctions. If you have an Internet service outage in your area, the lock will not function at all. This is a great safety feature for those that forget to replace the dead batteries in their home automation lock. Always keep your mechanical key on your persons, because you never know, when you may need it.

home automation door locksSecurity And Peace Of Mind

Although there are numerous reasons to invest in one of these locks, one of the most notable is undoubtedly the amount of security it can provide. Of course the lock will be immensely secure, but the security actually comes in another form. If you’re the type of individual, who is very forgetful, you’ve probably found yourself leaving home, without turning off the lights, failing to unplug your curling iron, or leaving your door unlocked. Although each of these actions can be very frightening, only one can be prevented with the home automation door lock.

Leaving home, without locking your door, will never be a problem ever again. This is the case, because you’ll always be able to grab your smartphone and check the lock’s status. If you discover that you once again rushed out of the door, without checking the lock, you’ll be able lock the door directly from your phone. Since you’ll be able to perform this action from anywhere in the world, you’ll always be able to maintain your peace of mind knowing your door remains locked and secured, at all times.

Letting Someone In

Have you ever been forced to work with a repairman or installation technician? If you have, you’ll understand that the experience can be absolutely excruciating. In all likelihood, you were forced to sit around your home for many hours, while waiting for the technician to arrive and fix the problem or finish the installation. To make matters even worse, you were probably required to take off work to ensure you’d be home for the appointment. With one of these locks, you’ll be able to eliminate this problem forever.

Since this high-tech lock will give you the ability to lock and unlock the door from afar, you’ll be able to let this individual in, even if you’re not home. This can actually be tremendously beneficial for various circumstances, which will be listed below.

• Letting a repairman or technician inside
• Unlocking the door for a family member, who doesn’t have a key
• Letting a baby sitter inside, without giving them a key
• Opening the door for a delivery man, so your package doesn’t get stolen

All in all, having the ability to unlock your door from afar can be immensely beneficial in various circumstances. Suffice to say, you’ll never have to worry about rushing home to let in your child inside after school or paying to have a key made for another family member.

Never Locked Out

There are numerous situations, which can be downright frustrating. Of course, some of these tend to be worse than others. This is especially true, when it comes to getting locked outside of your car or home. The vehicle situation has been somewhat alleviated thanks to key fobs and electronic locking systems. Well, the home automation lock also helps to diminish the probability of getting locked outside of your home. This is the case, because the lock gives the consumer the ability to lock and unlock their door with nothing, but their smart phone.

If you’re tired of getting locked outside of your home, you should definitely make the transition to this lock today!


Now that you are familiar with the innovative home automation lock, you will want to rush out and purchase one. This lock is growing more and more popular each day and more companies are hoping on-board, by producing various home automation devices.

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