Alarm Systems for the Home – What Do You Need?

Published: Sep 27, 2014 at 09:39 UTC
Alarm Systems for the Home – Answers to Common Questions

For many years, any inquiries concerning alarm systems for the home were directed to the hard wired or ‘wired’ variety, which is easy to understand because for a long period, that was really the only option that was available.

In recent years, however, the home security industry has ‘seen the light’ and its largest providers have been producing wireless systems that have been trending strongly with home alarm purchasers.

Whilst the wireless home security system is now the dominant force in alarm systems for the home, there are potential consumers who still have some queries regarding the use and implementation of this modern home safety system.

This article addresses some of the most common questions directed to wireless alarm systems.

Is a phone line needed?

With a wired alarm system, you would certainly need a phone line. However, this is certainly not the case with wireless security systems for the home.

Wireless alarms are driven by super long-lasting battery power, and their signal options can include connection from your internet service or via cellular towers in your local region.

This is cutting edge for today’s home security owners because it means that the chances of your alarm system ever faulting during a power outage are slim to none, while the absence of wires makes it very difficult for intruders to deactivate your alarm.

How is the wireless system installed?

Wireless security systems for the home have provided a break-through in terms of their installation.

Users of the system can now install the alarm and its accessories without any technical assistance or expertise required.

Wireless systems are of the do-it-yourself variety, where you can place the self-adhesive sensors directly over entry points, and connect them to the touch screen control panel within an hour simply by following the instructions that are included with your purchase.

This ensures that you can install wireless security systems for the home when it is convenient for you, and you save money on call-out and installation fees.

What happens during a break-in?

You have options with wireless alarm systems for the home.

If you have opted for self-monitoring, any suspicious motion or alerts will be directed to you at the time of your system’s immediate detection.

The most common means of notification is by text message to your cellular phone.

On the other hand, if your property is being monitored by a professional station, they will notify you upon detection of the break-in.

They will also have a list of other numbers to contact if they cannot reach you. They will also alert the relevant authorities.

Am I bound by a contract?

Many wireless alarm systems for the home are provided free of charge for the system components, however the suppliers recoup their costs by way of monthly fees.

This is beneficial in that generally a longer contract period means lower fees for you. It also allows you to plan your payments without having to concern yourself with bulk upfront costs for the system which would prove to be quite expensive.

Keep in mind, however, that the existence of contracts and their monthly terms are predominantly determined by the provider of security systems for the home.

You should always discuss this with your preferred home security company prior to your purchase.

The best alarm systems for the home

You really cannot go past a wireless system as the best form of security for your home.

It provides options that are simply not available with previous security alarms. Think of it this way; wireless alarm systems for the home offer so much more than just an alarm.

They offer you a complete home security system solution.

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