Available Options for Wireless Security Systems

Published: Jun 06, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Available Options for Wireless Security Systems

This article will help you decide the available features of wireless security systems and what you need for your home.

When you decide to purchase wireless security systems, there are many options for you to choose from. It’s obvious that you must go for one that offers maximum protective features within your budget. The greatest feature in wireless security systems is the obvious one – they are wireless. This means cheap installation (or even DIY installation), a more modern, clean look, and a wider range than most wired systems. Wireless security systems are not affected heavily by interference from other technology as some people believe, and can still function when the internet or phone lines fail. While some wireless security systems are more expensive to purchase, you can save thousands of dollars on labor costs. Wireless security systems are increasingly becoming more popular and the prices continue to go down.

Motion Detectors

Whenever glass is broken, doors open unauthorized, or someone moves within your home, motion detectors are set of. Motion detectors help prevent burglars from getting too far before being caught by the authorities. It’s a great feature in any wireless security systems you have placed at your home or office to protect your family and property.

Infrared Sensors

Sophisticated wireless security systems offer infrared sensors that work alongside motion detectors. When trigger, an alarm is sent to the control panel and the authorities are notified. In the case of a false alarm, some wireless security systems have a back up or delay system in place, giving you time to disable the alarm and not have the authorities sent unnecessarily to your home or business.

Locking Abilities

Almost all wireless security systems give you the ability to lock all the doors in the household or business. They can be programmed to lock at a certain time, or you can lock and unlock the doors remotely through a smartphone or a computer. It’s a good option for a family with kids who leave the home and may forget to lock the doors, or for a business that needs to unlock doors to let delivery personnel enter the building.


Another useful function to some wireless security systems is their camera feature. You can set up multiple cameras in any point of your home or businesses, allowing you see what is happening at any time of the day by checking your smart phone or computer. Keep an eye on your pesky pets, or see who is knocking on your door. This function gives you the peace of mind, knowing that you are in constant control of seeing your home and business.

Alert Systems

Wireless security systems have a variety of alert systems available. Some wireless security systems have up to a sixty second delay before sending an alert to the authorities, which prevents a false alarm. Other alerts are automatic, but do not immediately send a message out to the authorities. You know your home and business best; be sure to purchase one of the many wireless security systems that suit your needs.

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