What is the basis for Home Security Systems Ratings?

Published: Apr 08, 2015 at 11:55 UTC
What is the basis for Home Security Systems Ratings?

Each and every review of home security systems can mention many different things about the company or system that they are reviewing, because every customer has their own priorities as to which features are the most important.

However, home security systems ratings in these reviews for the most part reflect the features that most home owners are looking for in a home security system.

Of course, not all reviews provide a rating, but you have no doubt seen the home security systems ratings with gold stars or other indicators scoring the security company on a score from one to five.

Following are the aspects that most reviews consider for rating.

How expensive is it?

This is perhaps one of the most important things you need to determine if you are hunting around for a home security system. After all, you don’t want to be robbed, so it does not make sense if you feel robbed by your own security provider.

Before you can compute the apparent value for money of the services provided by a company in the wireless home security industry, you need to have a firm grip on the “money” aspect of the equipment that you will be purchasing. Quoted prices are a regular inclusion in home security systems ratings.

Are there hidden costs?

Perhaps one of the most annoying characteristics of many home security providers is that they often do not disclose the cost of everything that you need to purchase.

You need to figure out how much the installation, the equipment, and the monthly services will cost. Online reviews generally like to reveal in their home security systems ratings what you need to look for in terms of hidden and not so obvious ‘gotchas’ and costs.

What equipment do you receive?

Your best offer will be a wireless service that offers cellular alerts. Home security systems ratings regularly score providers on the extent to which the system is actually ‘wireless’ for the money that you pay.

This score will reflect the kind of equipment that you will receive, with the possibilities including secure control panels, sensors for open doors and windows, sensors for broken glass, and a motion detector that can handle pets.

Video cameras may also be included, and you may even want to think about infrared cameras.

Are there other types of protection?

There are several home security companies which offer more than just protection against home invaders. You can also be protected from fires and floods, and people can also be assisted by medical panic alerts. Of course, you will also have to consider remote services and home automation.

You should be able to monitor your home even when you are away, and the automation should be able to handle the lights and appliances so that you do not have to be home for them to work.

Some companies offer security systems which work well even with automation devices offered by other companies.

Automation comparisons typically make up home security systems ratings on many review sites.

Warranties and customer service

The way a home security company helps you with your questions and concerns can also significantly affect home security systems ratings. Some customer service departments are just awful, while others are excellent in providing prompt and cheerful service.

You also need to check out the fine print for warranties and other bonuses. Sometimes they may not be as generous as you first believed. Salespeople and authorized dealers also play a role here.

Some of them are too aggressive in pushing their product, and others are not so forthcoming about the cost of the security package.

Home security systems ratings

Comparative ratings provide a very quick and direct means by which visitors to the review sites can gather feedback about the home security features that concern them the most.

While much can be obtained from independent systems ratings, they are in no way a replacement for you ensuring that you complete your own homework about the market.

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