The Benefits Of Silent Alarms On Wireless Security Systems

Published: Jun 07, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
The Benefits Of Silent Alarms On Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems now have the option of silent alarm. Informing homeowner of an intrusion or accident silently is not the only benefit of silent alarm but there are many other benefits of this great feature.

Silent alarm feature has become a favorite of many homeowners who have wireless security systems installed in their homes today. It’s not only the annoying sound of the alarm that bothers these homeowners but they have chosen the option of silent alarm for many other reasons. Silent alarm is a great feature that has its benefits for the homeowners, their families, neighbors, emergency departments and monitoring service, if there’s any. Here’s how a silent alarm feature on wireless security systems can be of benefit for homeowners.

Higher Chances Of Catching The Intruder

It’s good to know that a loudly ringing alarm wakes you and your neighbors up when someone has entered your house forcefully but somehow this feature helps the intruder too. As soon as the alarm rings the intruder finds a way to escape the scene. If you are only late by seconds, the intruder will be gone with your belongings already. The silent alarm feature on wireless security systems allows you to take a silent action and catch the intruder before he knows that you have been informed. You can take care of the situation yourself or call the police for help while the intruder is still busy in choosing and picking the valuable items from your house.

It Doesn’t Panic The Children At Home

The loud alarm is a great feature but its sound can be extremely dangerous for children who are sensitive. The loud alarming sound could easily frighten the kids at home and increase their heart rate. This is not a good feature for people who are heart patient too. A silent alarm takes care of this situation well and lets you respond to an emergency situation without frightening and scaring the people at home. As soon as you get the alert from your wireless security system you can tell the kids yourself about the emergency or simply lock their doors to protect them from the intruders.

It Doesn’t Panic Your Neighbors

It’s true that waking up the neighbors can be of help in a situation when someone has entered your house forcefully but not everyone prefers to deal with this situation in this manner. Many people have monitoring services with their wireless security systems and they know the monitoring company will take care of the situation in a better way. Furthermore, the best your neighbors can do is informing the police about a burglary in your house. You wouldn’t want your neighbors to risk their lives to save you, especially when you know that help will arrive within seconds.

It Takes Care Of The False Alarm Situation

It’s true that wireless security systems can be vulnerable in situations where there are interferences in the signals. Signal interference can result in false alarms and not to mention, your pets can also ring the alarms falsely at times. You wouldn’t want to wake up the whole family and your neighbors without a loud alarming sound in such a scenario. This is when silent alarm feature serves you best. Thus, this feature makes the modern wireless security systems safer and less annoying. After receiving a silent notification, you can always remotely control and decide whether to ring the loud alarm or not.

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