The Benefits of Using Wireless Alarms

Published: Apr 02, 2014 at 04:00 UTC
The Benefits of Using Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarms are a great choice for securing homes as they offer people benefits in terms of convenience, ease of use and installation.

When it comes to homes, security remains a very vital and important issue for everyone. Small or big, home is a place where people not just keep their valuable and precious things, but also spend most of their time and are the most vulnerable. Thus, it is necessary that certain security measures should be taken. These days, most apartments and houses are equipped with security systems and alarms that are usually different from each other. This difference exists because of the brand name, price or the convenience and features offered by the system. Up until recently, it seemed that the home security market was very stable and there weren’t any surprises for companies or consumers alike. However, this was only a breeze before the storm that came because of technological advancement and in the form of wireless alarms.


Wireless technology has had a major impact on all areas of business and this includes home security systems as well. Gone are the days when people had to deal with wired alarm systems that involved wires strung all over the house. In contrast, there are a myriad of benefits that people can enjoy because of wireless alarms rather than choosing wired security systems.


One major advantage that people will hear from a security alarm salesman about wireless alarms is that there installation cost is very low. As opposed to wireless security systems, traditional alarms require drilling due to which they can cause damage to walls during the installation process. Not only that, but once these systems are installed, the house will have an appearance of a secret office of an intelligence agency as there will be wires all over the walls and ceiling. All this will be history when wireless security systems are chosen by people. A guide book, a proper toolbox and a couple of hours are all that’s needed for installing wireless systems in homes.

Battery Reliant:

Apart from the fact that they can be installed with ease, wireless alarms have the benefit of draining power only from the batteries that are installed in the system. This is a great advantage when power outage situations are considered. Houses will become instantly vulnerable to burglars if they have a regular security system and there is a power outage. This is no longer an issue with wireless systems because they use batteries and they aren’t like the batteries that are used on a regular basis. They have been designed to last long and changing them is deemed as an emergency situation. Overall, rather than using standard plug-in alarms, it is much more reliable and efficient to use wireless systems that use batteries.

Robust Network:

The fact that wireless alarms are dependent on wireless technology for alerting the homeowners and contacting the authorities is a huge benefit. When the alarm goes off, a cell phone signal is sent instantly even when the phone lines are cut and the cell phone’s battery is dead. Range is also not an issue as these wireless systems can reach hundreds of feet, which makes them highly suitable for large homes and yards. Moreover, they are also very flexible and it is possible to upgrade the system.

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