The Benefits of a Wireless Alarm System

Published: Mar 20, 2014 at 09:08 UTC
The Benefits of a Wireless Alarm System

Although there are numerous security and alarm systems that can be used for protecting the household, people will encounter various benefits when they opt for a wireless alarm system.

Business and home security systems are typically wired throughout the building for the purpose of connecting motion sensors to the main security panel. When they are activated, if any movement is detected by the security sensors within the building or entrance through a door or window; they will automatically sound the alarm and alert the law enforcement personnel. However, considerable hassle is involved when security systems are being hardwired at home or at the office. In such a scenario, a wireless alarm system is a sound choice as it offers a multitude of advantages to people, which go beyond the installation convenience they provide.


One of the very significant advantages of wireless alarm system is the installation process. Manual installation is required in the traditional wired security systems within the walls of the business or even homes. This means that holes have to be drilled into walls by the security technicians and they have to spend hours hardwiring sensors and connect them to the main security board. If exotic materials like granite or marble have been used in your home or office, there will be considerable damage during the installation process. On the other hand, this hassle is eliminated in wireless security alarm systems and they still have an expansive range, which is capable of sending wireless signals via walls and thus ensuring that every room is secured. There is no hardwiring involved in these systems so people can also install them or hire a professional for the task.

Security Sensor Relocation:

One of the major disadvantages associated with a wired security system is that a technician has to be hired for undoing the wiring and reconstructing the internal wiring grid when individuals decide to relocate the security sensors. In contrast, wireless alarm system allows people to remove the sensors from their current position without having to reconfigure the wiring. Hence, not only does this system offer flexibility, but also provides security to different areas of the home or office. Apart from that, people can also take this security sensor along with them when they decide to relocate their home or even business.


The main source of power of a building like the circuit breaker is used by most wired security systems. This can be a major problem for people in the case of power outages because it means that the security system will be unresponsive as long as the building’s power is out. Internal power supplies are used by a wireless alarm system for providing power such as batteries, which is much better and reliable option. This means that the security system will remain on and functioning even if there is a loss of power.

Remote Monitoring

A wireless alarm system offers one of the more technologically advanced features, which is remote monitoring. Because the system is wirelessly configured, it can be easily linked up with the laptop computer or mobile phone. In this way, individuals have the option of activating or deactivating the system remotely. Moreover, even if the phone line is disrupted or power is cut, the security personnel will still be alerted.

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