The Benefits of a Wireless Home Alarm System

Published: Apr 12, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
The Benefits of a Wireless Home Alarm System

This article is about the benefits of owning a wireless home alarm system over a wired one.

All electrical items in the past had wires attached to them including internet. If you were lucky enough to own a laptop you would have to wire it up to the nearest point so that you could connect to the internet. Luckily now we are able to attach all kinds of devices without the hassle of wires getting in the way and walls having to be redecorated after wires had been fitted.

A modern day wireless home alarm system can now be fitted in very little time and you won’t need to redecorate after the fitters have been round. They work by using a reliable radio system which is attached wirelessly to your local area network, just open the box, fit it where you want it, hook it up to the internet and you are good to go without a wire in sight.

How They Save Time and Money

Fitting an old style alarm could take hours, which meant big bucks to the installer but not great news for the person who needs the alarm fitted. A wired installation can involve the lifting of carpets, holes in your walls and damage to your décor. Anyone who has been through this will know that it is unlikely the workers will put everything back where it belongs afterwards so for half a day or more installation the work to put everything right again could take months, not to mention the disruption caused and time needed to be taken off work to do this. The lack of cables on a wireless home alarm system also means that there is no hazard of tripping over wires that cannot be hidden.

When wireless alarms first came out they could be unreliable because of the dial up connection, but now that broadband over long distances is available the reliability is so much better even in homes and businesses that are isolated from bigger towns. You don’t even need a phone line for the installation.

Taking Your Alarm System To A New Location

You can put the wireless home alarm system in places you would not have been able to with older wired models because you are not limited to where the wires will stretch. If you move locations you are able to take the system with you, with minimal fuss and refit anywhere you have internet access. All that will need to be done is the reprogramming which takes minutes.

Compatibility With Other Devices

You can hook your alarm up to wireless sensors and even your fire alarm. If you also have CCTV that can be connected to the internet you can tell even when away from the location if there has been a break in and get in touch with the relevant authorities to minimize damage and bring any criminals to task.

How Long Does The Average Wireless Alarm Last?

You can expect a modern wireless home alarm system to last at least 10 years which in comparison to earlier models is great!

Is The Alarm Tamper Proof?

You don’t have the worry of knowledgeable burglars being able to cut through wires so that the alarm does not function. If placed up high there are very few people who would take the risk of bringing a ladder with them to try to tamper with the alarm. This will give you the peace of mind when you are away from the property you are protecting.

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