Best Life Saving Emergency Apps

Published: Jun 24, 2015 at 08:01 UTC

In the past, everyone relied on the same emergency call center. Obviously, an emergency resulted in a call to 911. Although this type of emergency call center can be effective, it is somewhat flaws. In fact, there are several flaws with 911 which have resulted in the death of innocents. Suffice to say, technology has improved and many developers are now attempting to offer a more reliable alternative. Through the use of mobile applications, consumers can receive more reliable access to the authorities. Below, you’ll learn about the benefits of these systems. You’ll also find a look at the very best life saving emergency apps.

The Benefits

In order to truly practice safe living, it is vital to use the appropriate life saving mechanisms. The days of teaching your children to practice dialing 911 are nearly over. Now, applications allow you to contact the authorities with a few single clicks, or finger gestures. This can be tremendously beneficial. Below, you can find the benefits of this type of technology.

  • Much quicker than picking up a phone
  • Fewer buttons need to be pressed
  • Can transmit your exact location, by using GPS coordinates
  • Some apps work in reverse and alert qualified individuals for additional support
  • Quickly locate the nearest hospital

It is vital to remember that each application works differently. Some of the best life saving applications will be explored in more depth below.

EMNet findER

During the event of an emergency, you may need immediate access to an emergency room. If you find yourself out of town, you might not know your immediate surroundings. This can make it difficult to find the closest emergency room. The EMNet findER can help. This application is capable of working with Google Maps to help you pinpoint the closest hospital. At the same time, the application can provide the user with directions instantly. When used from your smart phone, you’ll also have access to a button, which offers quick dialing of 911.

Instead of immediately calling 911, you have options with EMNet findER. If the emergency isn’t life threatening, you can drive to the hospital. Otherwise, with the push of a button, you can save a life, by calling 911.


This application offers a number of helpful features. With a few pushes of a button, you can quickly locate the nearest hospital, fire station or police station. Towing, auto shops and hotels can also be located through the 911HelpSMS app. Of course, the most impressive feature is the highly efficient location detecting software. Once this app has recognized your location, it will be able to use it, when contacting 911, but it doesn’t end there. When you initiate a call to 911, the application will automatically send out text messages to your friends and family. Within the text message, they’ll discover your exact location.

It is even possible to text 911 in certain areas. This will allow you to send the authorities your current and precise address. Remember that this isn’t available in all areas. With the free Lite version, it is possible to notify a single family member. The paid version is capable of contacting up to six family members or friends.

PulsePoint App

There is no better or faster way to save someone’s life, when they are suffering with an immediate cardiac arrest. A call is still made to the 911 dispatch center and the CPR trained professionals. These medical professionals will always be on standby, for a cardiac emergency activated warning. At which time, they will start in route to the individual’s residence. There is quite a bit of waiting time, when trying to access the 911 center. This time can be utilized, so much more efficient, by performing CPR and trying to save the victim’s life.

ICEBlueButton App

The ICEBlueButton app can prove to be very useful for an individual that suffers from a chronic or life threatening illness or injury. Instead of the victim or family member having to relay the medical history to the 911 dispatcher or respondent, it can be stored to your mobile device. When the responder arrives, they can scan your QR code and gain immediate access to your current ICE medical record, allergies, and illnesses. This can help medical personnel to treat your condition properly and more promptly.


With the popularity of these apps growing rapidly, it is likely that new ones will pop up frequently. Each app is beneficial in its own way and you may want to consider using several, at once. By using a combination, you will be able to protect what matters most even more.

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