Best Use of Wireless Home Alarm

Published: Apr 13, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Best Use of Wireless Home Alarm

Good bye to traditional wired home alarm systems. Welcome wireless home alarm systems. But what are some of the features of the best wireless systems?

The Basic Features

Many in the home alarm security industry have veered towards the wireless type of systems. It is a given that for the homeowner, what he wants ultimately is to have that peace of mind that his home, his valuable property and his loved ones are secured the whole time, 24 hours a day, every day. Many homeowners now go for the wireless systems for reasons that before were not obvious. Now, they are becoming so obvious to everyone –there will be no need to drill holes near the doors or windows or any part of the house; there will be no need for a complete stranger to come to your house in order to install the system for even a non-technical person can install the system on his own or with the aid of the home alarm provider via a telephone call; it takes very little time to install it; it is a more reliable alarm system; and it is less costly given the advancement in technology as compared to the traditional wired home alarm systems.

Features Of The Best Wireless Systems:

But how would you know if you have the best wireless home alarm system? What are the features that you should for on top of the basic features even before deciding to purchase it?

1. Technology:

Does it have the best technology that is available? For instance, does it have cameras that would allow you to view your home even if you are not there – online and even on your mobile phone; can it still function and give you details and coverage even if you run out of electric power; can it communicate an incident in the home via various ways (by phone, by text message, by email, etc.); does it not give you false alarm when your pet moves in the area; does it self-detect if the batteries of the components are still working or does it have solar panel to recharge the batteries during the day; can it give you an alert when your child is already back at home from school?

2. Customization

Is it customized to your needs? Every home has its own security requirements. Do not go for one-size-fits-all type of an alarm system. Also, if you have to move houses, it should not be a problem to move the alarm system to your new home as well.

3. 24/7 Protection

Third, does the wireless alarm system offer you a 24-hour protection? You can ask your system provider exactly how they monitor your wireless home alarm system. Anytime the system should be able to respond quickly. This is very important especially when the house is left without anybody.

4. Cost

Lastly, look for that which is not so expensive and yet still has the three features mentioned above. There are several providers now in this industry of wireless home alarm systems. It should not be that difficult to make up your mind as long as you know exactly what you want, which features are truly important to you as a homeowner for your peace of mind.

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