The Blink Camera Looks To Return Convenience To Homeowners

Published: Aug 16, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
Blink Camera

Although security cameras have gotten more and more high-tech in the past few years, they’ve also gotten slightly more cumbersome and downright frustrating for some consumers. This is the case, because many of the newer cameras are difficult to install and require a bit of tech smarts, in order to fully utilize. The Blink Camera hopes to be able to provide consumers with a camera, which is effective and effortless to use. Will they achieve this goal? You’ll find out below.

An Overview

Before rushing ahead, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the Blink Camera and its features. First and foremost, the camera is effortless to install, thanks to its wire-free setup. The camera is also compact and very thin. This makes it ideal for those that have limited space, as well as homeowners, who wish to conceal their camera. Additional features can be found below.

  • Utilizes two AA batteries
  • Delivers approximately a year of battery life
  • Snap-on installation hinge can be rotated in various directions
  • Works perfectly with the associated mobile app
  • Motion sensor for automatic activation
  • Night vision mode
  • No contract or subscription fees


All in all, the camera looks great at a glance, but it truly shines in terms of usability.

Ease Of Use

The Blink Camera is not just effortless to install. Utilizing the camera is easy as well. This is the case, because the associated application is very user-friendly and offers a wide array of features and functions. With the associated app, the consumer will be able to choose a camera and begin watching live HD feeds immediately. The app also gives you the ability to listen to the camera’s audio feed, take pictures and record video clips.

A Way To Go

Although the Blink Camera is thoroughly impressive and effortless to use, it hasn’t stopped yet. It is also equipped with a micro USB port, which has not been activated to date. So, where can the camera go from here? Who knows? Either way, the Blink is still one of the user-friendliest cameras on the market and perfect for consumers that are not tech savvy.

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