BluePoint Alert: Rapid Response Security System for Schools

Published: Jul 08, 2015 at 08:01 UTC

There are some places in the country that should be safe, secure and comfortable. When you step into a school, church, or government facility, you should feel safe. Schools are entirely different, since they house the most precious humans on earth, children. According to statistics, school violence is a serious problem. It is vital to ensure that your child’s school is properly secured from intruders and potential problems. With this in mind, BluePoint Alert was developed. More information regarding this system will be explored below.

The Concept

The BluePoint Alert Solutions attempts to make it effortless to make contact with the authorities. Anyone, who is familiar with wireless fire alarms will feel very comfortable with this new technology. At first glance, the product is nearly identical to the current fire alarms which are used in schools. It is even designed with a similar handle, which can be pulled down to contact the police. The device is easily distinguishable from fire alarms though, since it is designed with the light blue color scheme. The concept is to give teachers and students the ability to instantly contact and dispatch authorities to the incident location.

How it Works

Suffice to say, the BluePoint Alert system is built for your convenience. It attempts to give the easiest, quickest and most efficient access to the police. Below, you will be able to discover the particular characteristics of the device, which makes it so convenient.

  • Very little human interaction is required
  • Alerts the intruder or suspect that the police are on their way
  • System is capable of providing police with the exact location of the problem
  • Presence alone can help to deter suspects
  • Provides the quickest police response and enormously elevated safety

When the pull stations have been placed strategically around the building, it is possible to protect the staff and students more effectively. Very little education or training is required and the device can be used effortlessly for added protection.

The Mobile Device

Although the pull station is the brains of the operation, it is also possible to utilize the device with the additional mobile pendant, which can be worn around your neck. Each teacher can be fitted with one of these accessories, which gives them the quickest way to alert the authorities. With the press of the button, the police can be notified. This is best suited for schools, which have frequent problems.

The Notification System

The notification boxes can easily be placed throughout the school and can be wired to your school’s PA or phone system. The boxes are capable of alerting everyone inside of the building to a potential threat, with ear-piercing sound and strobe lights. With this type of notification system, it is possible to get everyone to a safe and secure location, as quickly as possible. At the same time, the strobes could potentially scare away the perpetrator, before the problem can escalate further.

Potential Add-Ons

There are a few potential enhancements, or add-ons, which can be added to the system. For instance, the entire security system can be integrated to security cameras and breaking glass detection systems. An additional medical alert system is also available and will help to assist, during the event of a medical emergency. Glass and cage covers are available and help to prevent the alarm being pulled as a prank.


There is no denying that schools need to be safer places, but accidents do happen. During an accident or emergency, people’s reaction times are slowed and some actually behave erratically. The BluePoint Alert system is capable of preventing mishaps, by alerting the authorities, with the pull of a lever.

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