Buy Wireless Home Security Systems With The Most Advanced Technology

Published: May 29, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Buy Wireless Home Security Systems With The Most Advanced Technology

Wireless home security systems are available with basic and advanced options. Security systems with advanced options are a bit expensive but paying a few extra dollars can make your security system better, safer and more effective.

Wireless home security systems can have varying prices depending on the technology they make use of. The most high-end wireless home security systems are expensive but the extra features included on these security systems are there for a reason. With these extra features and options the home security systems can be made more effective and safer. You should definitely research for the most affordable solutions when looking for home security systems but we’d also like to recommend you to be a bit flexible in investing a few extra bucks to get the security systems with latest technology. Here are the reasons why:

You Can Go For Pet-Friendly Options

Most wireless home security systems using the high-end technology are now pet-friendly. This means your alarms will not ring when a pet passes by the sensors in the house. These sensors have certain options that allow them to ignore the presence of a pet in the room and thus avoiding any false alarms. Motion sensors are the best example of such technology. These motion sensors will only notify you when there’s an intruder nearby but you will not receive the unnecessary notification if a pet is wandering in the room close to the motion sensor. If you have a pet at home, you should not hesitate from paying a little extra for this option.

You Can Opt For Better Cameras

Old and rigid cameras could watch in only one direction. This meant that you had to install a lot of them in order to cover the entire house and even then there were certain angles and corners of the rooms that could not be captured by these cameras. Your new wireless home security systems now come with cameras that have some great technology integrated in them. These cameras can tilt, zoom and pan. They can also see things at night and in darkness just as well as they are able to see them in the day time. Furthermore, latest wireless home security systems with such cameras allow you to control the movement of the cameras in real-time when the need arises.

Choose Alarms Whose Sensitivity Can Be Changed

You can include water leakage, flood, smoke, fire and CO alarms in wireless home security systems but you don’t want these alarms to go off with minor leakage, smoke or rise in the temperature. The best way to deal with this scenario is to go for sensors that allow you to set the sensitivity before ringing an alarm or sending you a notification. Most wireless home security systems now come with such sensors. This means a little smoke from your cigarette, a minor water leakage from the pipe or small rise in temperature near the kitchen will not be reported by your security system.

Get A Security System That Can Be Installed Within Seconds

Even wireless home security systems require installation depending on which service operator you go for. However, the best wireless home security systems are ones that can be installed within seconds without requiring any professional installation. Such security systems are like plug-n-play devices on your computers. You get them out of the box, make a call to the service provider, tell them to activate the sensor and put the sensor where you want to. The benefit of such security systems is that you can have them disabled by making a call to the service provider when you are moving and enable them again by making another call when you are in your new house.


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