Buying The Right Wireless Smoke Detectors

Published: Mar 21, 2014 at 03:48 UTC
Buying The Right Wireless Smoke Detectors

Wireless smoke detectors are small devices but they have dozens of features on them. Make a note of certain features when buying them so you can have peace of mind for years after first installation.

Wireless smoke detectors are small devices but when you look closely at them you will realize that they have dozens of features. Some wireless smoke detectors are better than others on the basis of these features. Some detectors have more features whereas others are missing a few. Reading about a few of them can give you enough knowledge to know how you should purchase your first smoke detector. Here are some of the features, aspects and specs you should make a note of if you are buying your first wireless smoke detectors.

Buy Ones With Expandability Options

You are buying wireless smoke detectors today but you might feel the need of buying other security devices for your house later on. In this scenario, you must buy your wireless smoke detectors from a company that sells other security solutions too. Buying independent smoke detectors might become an issue later on when you want to expand the security system in your house. If the manufacturer of your smoke detector doesn’t make other security devices, your smoke detectors will not be compatible with any other company’s security system. This will require you to remove your old smoke detectors and buy new ones, taking your costs higher.

Interconnected Smoke Detectors Are Best

Not all wireless smoke detectors are interconnected so you have to be careful with your purchase and look particularly for this option. The interconnected smoke detectors work in unison so if one of your smoke detectors is located in the basement and second one on the 2nd floor of your house, the other will start ringing an alarm as soon as the first one does. On the other hand, the ones that are not connected will work individually and if one smoke detector is ringing an alarm the other one will stay silent. Such individual and independently acting wireless smoke detectors are not suitable for big homes.

Battery Replacement Should Be Easy

You don’t want to spend hours in opening and unscrewing the various parts of your wireless smoke detectors only to replace the batteries. This is one of the aspects that make smoke detectors user-friendly. The battery changing process should be easy and you should be able to perform it within a minute. Go for wireless smoke detectors that have a drawer like structure on them that contains batteries. Whenever you need to change the batteries you can just pull out the drawer, take out the old batteries, put in the new ones and push the drawer close. Also enquire how frequently you will be required to change the batteries.

Battery Indicator And Test Button

There are several buttons and indicators located on security systems and alarms. The most important ones you must look for when searching for wireless smoke detectors are the low-battery indicator light and test button. The test button is there to let you test your alarm when you have just installed it or put new batteries in it. The low-battery indicator light is a bright light, often in red, that tells you that the battery has reached critical levels. You are required to change the batteries as soon as you see the indicator on your wireless smoke detectors. Always see if that alarm is working or not after installing new batteries with the test button.

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