C-TEC ZFP: Highly Innovative Fire Alarm System

Published: Jul 11, 2015 at 08:01 UTC

Your home is your castle, which should be protected thoroughly. At the same time, your home should be able to protect you! With this in mind, it is vital to protect your home with security alarms and fire alarms. When it comes to fire alarm systems, there is no denying that these systems have evolved significantly over the past few years. The C-TEC ZFP is a highly innovative fire alarm, which is capable of providing added security to residential structures, retail businesses and department stores. This system will be explored in-depth below.

The Basics of the ZFP

While it is possible to provide your home with more security thanks to wireless security systems, the ZFP is even more protective. The device has been created with input from some of the world’s experts in fire alarms. This device, which has been developed in the United Kingdom, is capable of being used with a wide array of applications. This is an extremely intelligent fire alarm, which operates with at the gestures of your fingers.

  • Touch screen operation
  • Easily customizable
  • Compact controllers offer more control
  • Effortless to hookup to your network

With this type of setup, it is possible to protect a massive array of buildings from schools to hospitals.

Effortless Networking

Depending on the building that you’re attempting to protect, you need a system that can handle your specifics. With the ZFP’s effortless networking protocols, it is possible to set up the network for your building easily. Airports, hotels, stadiums and even residential structures can be protected with this system perfectly.

Compact Controllers

If you own a modern-styled business and do not want to bog up the walls with a huge metal box, fire alarm, you should consider the ZFP. The compact controller will fit perfectly on any wall, without looking out of place. You can easily add up to 64 eight-loop panels throughout your medical and professional business. This will aid the fire department in detecting exactly, where the smoke or flames are located, so no time is wasted.


C-TEC is willing to completely customize their ZFP, in order to meet the demands of your building. A customized ZFP fire panel is currently protecting the Langtree Park Stadium. The same type of system can protect your home, or business. The system is fully scalable and can be expanded easily. Suffice to say, the system and panels are entirely customizable for your needs.

Easy Touch Control

You can easily control, maintain, and access data from the ZFP controller. The touchscreen interface offers an easy access option for all emergency personnel, so that a hand remote or other device is not required to obtain access. The “DeviceManager” feature will allow the fire engineer to manipulate the system, as needed. The “SafeMode” feature will allow the system to automatically do its job, without interference.


The ZFP fire alarm is a highly innovative system that is capable of protecting any large or small business from massive fire damage. This system will offer simplicity and safety benefits innumerable ways, while adding allure and glamor to the interior of your business.

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