What Can You Expect From Wireless Security Systems?

Published: May 05, 2014 at 15:00 UTC
What Can You Expect From Wireless Security Systems?

Long ago our concept of an alarm was of a loud noise that informed people of an intrusion in the house through the annoying noise. Today’s wireless security systems are in their finest shape and serve families as an excellent solution dozens of more scenarios other than intrusion.

Hard wired security systems were also a great solution for home security but the fact that they could be disabled by cutting a few wires made them unreliable at times. The wireless security systems we have today are much more advanced and their many functions allow us to react to an emergency situation immediately and intelligently. These wireless security systems are designed to take care of many things e.g. protecting children, taking care of elderly people, detecting smoke and other life threatening gases, informing about intrusions and much more. Here’s what you can expect from the modern wireless security systems:

Take On An Intruder With A Better Strategy

With a silent notification feature many wireless security systems now inform you that someone has tried to enter your house forcefully. You get the notification on your mobile phone whereas the intruder is still thinking that no one knows about his presence in the house. He would only know that he’s been caught when the police arrive at the scene while he’s still in the house. In addition to that, these wireless alarms and security systems have the capability of making a loud noise just like old alarms. You can lock certain doors of the house after knowing about an intrusion to keep the intruder away from rooms where your family members are residing.

Detect A Lot Of Life Threatening Events As They Happen

Wireless security systems are equipped with many different types of sensors today. They can detect smoke, fire and even carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be the most lethal thing here since our noses cannot detect the presence of this gas around us. As soon as the sensor detects the presence of smoke, fire, CO or other lethal gases in the house it sends an alert to the homeowners and monitoring service. The monitoring service takes action within seconds to inform the emergency departments of the happening. Firefighters, police or other rescuers reach the site for your help within minutes.

Control The House Remotely

A revolutionary feature of wireless security systems is that they allow you to take control of your house from a remote location. You can unlock the door of your house while sitting in a remote location for your children, a dog walker or some guests. You can add the option of dimming and switching the lights on/off on your wireless security system too. More advanced security systems are allowing you to move the curtains and blinds of the house too.

Monitor Your House Live

Advanced wireless security systems allow you to monitor your house live from virtually any corner of the world. If you leave an elderly person or a child with special needs at the responsibility of a babysitter or caretaker, you can monitor them live on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Such wireless security systems from the companies require you to create online account from where you can see the live feed from your house. The cameras with such security systems can be controlled so you can pan, zoom and tilt them when needed. You can have the emergency departments come to your rescue or call your neighbors for help if the need be.

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