Can Wireless Alarm System Keep The Value Of Your House High?

Published: May 09, 2014 at 08:00 UTC
Can Wireless Alarm System Keep The Value Of Your House High?

A wireless alarm system can be a great addition to the house to increase its value. The wireless system contributes in increasing the value of the house in many ways.

A wireless alarm system is a great way to keep up the value of your house. Since wireless alarm system is portable it wouldn’t increase the value of your house but it can be a great way of keeping the value of the house high. We look at this benefit of the wireless security and alarm system when comparing it with the old hard wired alarm system. Old alarm and security systems became a big cause of reducing the value of the house. Here’s how the wireless alarm system keeps the value of your house high.

No Wiring Means No Damage

Wireless alarm system does require installation but a few screws and nails are enough to do that. Contrary to this, the old hard wired alarm system required complex wiring in the house and drilling the walls reduced their value. The paint on the wall got damaged during the installation. That’s not the case with a wireless alarm and security system. Your walls will stay as clean as they were before and no wires will be passing through walls and rooms. The house does not look unsightly, which is a great thing for families that entertain a lot of guests.

Fixing The Walls Cost You More Money

If you had a hard wired security system installed in the house and you thought of selling the house, you had to fix and repair the walls. The money for fixing and repairing the walls had to go from your pocket again. This is another way in which your house lost its value. Even a single penny spent on the house comes out of your pocket. When you have a wireless alarm system you don’t have to pay any money for fixing and repairing the walls. There are no holes in the walls, no wires are passing through them and there’s absolutely nothing that would require you to spend money on fixing and repairing.

No Issue With Insulation In the House

A lot of things can go wrong when the walls have to be drilled for the installation of hard wired security system. This could greatly affect the insulation of your house. The holes in the walls will go through the insulation materials in your walls and if the installation is not performed properly you might have a badly insulated house at the end. If your installers didn’t repair these issues, you had to bring out the money again to fix the insulation of your house. You don’t have to deal with these issues when you get wireless alarm system. No holes in the walls means your insulation remains intact and untouched.

Security Issues For Children

Even if a family agrees to buy your house with the wired security system included, it can easily complain about the security concerns with this system. The wires spreading on the floor and passing through many points in the walls can be dangerous for kids. The more sensors you want with your hard wired security system the more wires you have to prepare to deal with. There are no security concerns for families looking to buy your house when you have a wireless alarm system. Your wireless alarm system will leave the house with you so no questions will be raised on it.

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