Should You Choose Wired or Wireless Home Alarm?

Published: Apr 09, 2014 at 15:00 UTC
Should You Choose Wired or Wireless Home Alarm?

Wired home alarms have been used for years, but the introduction of a wireless home alarm has offered people another alternative for securing their homes.

Choosing a security system or alarm for your home is a decision that requires plenty of consideration. Security is not an issue that can be taken lightly. It is essential for homeowners to engage in a fair bit of research in order to ensure that the system they are selecting has the ability of meeting their needs in the best possible way. One aspect that may often turn out to be a determining factor is whether you want a wired or wireless home alarm for protecting and safeguarding your home. There are significant differences that exist between both systems in regard to installation; cost etc. and they should be considered before a final decision is made.


In a wired system, typically there are sensors involved that have to be installed on the various windows and doors of the house that can be used for access. These sensors have to be wired to the main control panel of the alarm system in order to do their job. In most cases, the wiring is not done out in the open and is typically placed under carpets or baseboards in order to hide it from view. This involves a lot of tearing down of walls and ripping out the floorboards. Motion sensors and security cameras can also be added in this security system, both of which have to be linked to the main control panel. An installed keypad is also available with these systems. There are lots of other accessories that can also function with these systems and each has its own benefit.


A wireless home alarm functions almost in the same way as that of wired systems. Doors and windows are protected with the help of sensors, but the primary difference is that they aren’t linked to the control panel via wires that are hidden form sight. Wireless technology is used by these sensors for transmitting information to the control panel. The technology used in a wireless home alarm is similar to one used in wireless internet routers. The greatest benefit of this system is that it is easy to install them as no drilling of holes is required so it is less messy. Apart from that, there are also motion detectors, cameras and keypads that can be integrated into the wireless system just like a traditional wired one.

Choosing Between the Two:

A wireless home alarm has become extremely popular these days and there are several reasons why this has happened. Not only does this system involve less mess in terms of installation, it also means that there are huge cost savings as the installation does not require expertise. Moreover, this system also provides homeowner with flexibility in the case that it can be taken with them when they decide to move. Wireless systems are portable unlike traditional hard wired systems that have to be left behind for the new owners. This is a huge benefit for people who don’t want to make an investment unless it gives returns. Nonetheless, the choice will eventually come down to the personal preference and the convenience desired by homeowners and it is usually a wireless home alarm that’s chosen.

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