How to Choose a Wireless Alarm Monitoring Company

Published: Apr 26, 2014 at 03:00 UTC
How to Choose a Wireless Alarm Monitoring Company

It is essential for people to select the right company when they opt for a wireless alarm monitoring system for protecting their home.

There are huge varieties of home security systems that can be found these days, amongst which wireless alarm monitoring systems have become immensely popular because they allow people to have backup when they are unable to call the authorities when the security of the house is compromised. This is because these systems are monitored by a security company. These monitoring companies use special computers, phone lines and trained staff for watching over a security system of homes and they will call the appropriate authorities when the alarm is triggered. This service is provided by these companies for a monthly fee. However, it is necessary for companies to do their homework before choosing a monitoring company because experience and quality of each can vary.


The first step that should be taken by homeowners is to research and find out the different wireless alarm monitoring companies that exist in your area. The internet can come in handy for this purpose and search can be customized according to the requirements of the homeowner. However, it is also recommended that people do some research on the home security system they want to get and familiarize themselves with the terms used in the industry and understand the basics of every security system. There are numerous security websites on the internet that can also provide valuable information to people. Apart from that, homeowners have the option of consulting their friends, family and neighbors and even insurance agent to ask for referrals of good monitoring companies.

Making Contact:

People now have a compiled list of security companies that can provide wireless alarm monitoring services to homeowners. They should start making calls to the different companies and question them. The important thing to know is whether the employees of the company have received proper training and certification for monitoring home security systems. Moreover, it is also crucial for the companies to be in possession of the appropriate local and state licenses. The status of the companies that you are consulting should be checked by contacting the state licensing agencies, the Better Business Bureau, consumer protection agencies and the local police department’s crime prevention center. In this way, the selection can be narrowed down to three or four companies.


The companies that have been shortlisted for providing wireless alarm monitoring service should be called again for arranging a visit from their representative at home when all family members can be present. This is because the representative will need to understand the lifestyle and habits of the residents for recommending the components that will be needed in the security system. Furthermore, it is also essential that all family members are able to use the home security system that will be recommended by the representative. The representative should also be questioned about the experience of the company, their certification and equipment used.

Other Factors:

The employees of the company that will provide the wireless alarm monitoring service should be trained in the operation and should be aware of the steps to take. In addition, the monitoring service should be provided 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure complete security. A backup monitoring center of the company should also be established in case the first one has some problem.

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