How to Choose a Wireless Alarm System

Published: Mar 20, 2014 at 08:51 UTC
How to Choose a Wireless Alarm System

It is crucial for people to determine their security needs before they consult a company for a wireless alarm system because the process can be highly complicated and a tad bit expensive.

Security has become an important issue for households these days with the rising crime rates in almost every area. Individuals don’t want any harm to come to their family, belonging or house and wish to provide complete protection against any risks. It is not possible to remain on guard 24/7 as people have their lives to live and need to sleep and go out too. The best way to protect the house in these circumstances is to install a wireless alarm system. As the name indicates, it is an alarm that will instantly alert people when any intruder or burglar is detected on the premises. However, it is essential to choose the right system in order to reap its benefits properly.

Preliminary Research:

When individuals decide to get an alarm system installed in their home, they first need to conduct a survey to determine how many doors and windows have to be integrated into the home security system. Possible locations for the control panel and keypads also need to be determined in this initial survey. It will be convenient for people if they install a keypad near the front door. Moreover, they may also need to have keypads close to the bedrooms. The system is commanded through the control panel, but the keypads allow individuals to program the system and turn its components off or on as per their preference.


The location of the control panel shouldn’t be too far from the doors and windows as the wireless alarm system needs to communicate with the sensors. People also need to decide if they want a monitored security system, which means that it will be monitored 24 hours a day. A monthly fee is charged by the central monitoring station for watching the system. A basic sensor system is less expensive option that can be chosen, and it comes with a dialer accessory that’s connected to the phone line and will automatically dial specified numbers in case the security of the house is breached.

Other Factors:

There are also other factors that individuals need to consider for their wireless alarm system such as their lifestyle. Is there a family member who habitually goes for a late night snack or tends to sleepwalk? Is there a pet in the house? It is necessary to consider these factors because it will help people in deciding the type of motion sensor they want and how it’s installed. Family members may have to make visits to the keypads in order to avoid false alarms.

Choosing an Alarm System:

A sound home security adviser should be consulted. Such a system should be chosen that comes with a control panel for monitoring all zones, i.e. connected doors and windows. Ensure that the wireless alarm system can perform effectively up to the distance of the farthest zone. Also opt for a system that can accept water detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, fire-protection sensors, anti-freeze-up low-temperature switches and combustible gas detectors. The system should also have panic buttons. It is best to opt for a user friendly system that can be easily be used by every family member.

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