Why Choose a Wireless Security System Over A Conventional Hardwire

Published: Mar 28, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Why Choose a Wireless Security System Over A Conventional Hardwire

The most common preference of a wireless security system over a regular hardwire is with new and rented residences. Let’s discuss how important these systems are.

In the past couple of years, the usage of wireless security systems all over the world has grown by over 20% and there are a certain reasons for that. Securing your home against burglars with today’s technology is getting easier and easier. It is a mere expression of common sense to install a burglar alarm in your new home to protect your valuables against marauders. More often than not people aim for the slightly more efficient hardwire system, concerned with the miss function of yesterday’s wireless technology. You may often receive advice from a relative or friend about their perfectly functioning alarm system, but is that the best for you? Sometimes a personalized informed choice of an alarm might be the key to securing and preserving the inside of your home.

The Advantages of Using a Wireless Security System

The first and most obvious advantage of a wireless security system over a cable system is obviously the lack of wires. This feature eliminates the need for you to drill unnecessary holes in the structure of your flat or house, eliminating the need for repair and cosmetic works after the installation. While a conventional hardwire may take hours even for a professional team to install, the wireless security system would only take up to two hours for you to install just by following simple instructions that come in the manual. In most cases, you can do all the setup by yourself without the need of hiring professionals to do the installation for you.

How the System is Useful for New Homeowners

The wireless security system mainly bears benefits to owners of new homes, built within the past 20 years. If you live in a new house or flat without an already installed hardwire system, installing a new one can be a tedious and costly task. Quality installation would require the cutting of floorboards, so that the cables may run underneath them and for homes built within the past twenty years, this is not easy as they mainly have large chipboard flooring sheets.

How the System is Useful for Tenants

Wireless security is also the choice of many people who live in rented homes. If you are living in a rented flat or are planning to move in the near future, a wireless security system is an obvious way to go when looking at your security options. With the easy installation and de-installation process you will save yourself a lot of hassle around drilling, installing cables and vice versa when you have to move.

What is Best for You?

With the advanced technologies, things such as the random activation of alarms from interference are the thing of the past. The wireless security system exceeds its predecessor in many ways and is the preferred choice of the future consumer. One of the most desired options in an alarm is obviously the link-to-mobile option as it will inform you in a matter of seconds if there is a robbery attempt on your house. While all wireless alarms come with that option by default, most of the old hardwires still require registration and additional costs.

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