Combating Common Aging Complications – A Sterling Silver Medical Alert Bracelet Could Be A Solution

Published: Apr 17, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
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As people begin to get older, the dangers and risks they face begin to increase rapidly and astronomically. Of course, nobody wants to give up their freedom and most seniors will absolutely refuse to enter a retirement facility. Since it is impossible to force someone against their will or confine them to a bubble, it is essential to find solutions for each potential complication that could arise. As a loved one to someone that is elderly, it is pertinent to take responsibility and begin planning for the worst. Within this guide, you’ll find ways to decrease the risks involved with aging.

Remaining At Home

There is absolutely no doubt that the majority of seniors will desire to remain in their current dwellings. In fact, the thought of entering a nursing facility is not only unreasonable, but also it is downright frightening! A 2012 AARP survey concluded that 90% of seniors planned on remaining in their current dwellings for the next five or ten years. Although some of these individuals many not face any complications, the risks are present and a fall could result in massive injuries.

As a family member to one of these individuals, it is a good idea to familiarize your self with the risks. By doing so, you’ll be able to formulate an individualistic strategy for reducing and potentially eliminating each of them. Adjustments will need to be made and precautions must be put into place. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the troubles that you may face.

• Falls
• Burglaries
• Wandering
• Financial difficulties
• Fires and floods

Each of these problems could be devastating. Although it is truly impossible to eliminate all risks, each can be minimized substantially.medical alert bracelets for women

Understanding Their Needs

When it comes down to it, each senior is different and your particular situation will differ from that of another person facing a similar situation. There is truly an array of factors will play a role and impact the difficulty of setting up an environment, in which your loved one will be safe and sound. For your consideration, some of the most important factors will be listed below.

• Illnesses – Some illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, can make it much more complicated to properly care for your loved one. This disease is often associated with roaming. In order to create a safe environment for an Alzheimer’s patient, you’ll need to make sure that the patient is unable to leave their home, without you being aware of their location.

• Current Independence – What level of independence does your loved one exhibit? Are they able to maneuver around and care for themselves fairly easily? Some will be more capable than others and you will need to formulate a plan, which is specifically customized to your loved one’s current status and condition.

• Problematic Tasks – Does your family member have difficulty performing mundane tasks, such as grocery shopping? If this is the case, you will need to put a plan in place that will provide your family member with assistance performing each of these tasks.

• Anxiousness And Concerns – How does your loved one feel about living alone? Although some seniors are brave and will have no concerns, others will be a little frightful. By utilizing a medical alert bracelet and other technological devices, you may be able to quell their concerns and put their mind at ease.

Although it is possible for some seniors to reasonably live on their own with limited problems, you also need to be realistic with yourself and your loved one. If the situation will be too dire and risky, you shouldn’t risk it.

Financial Concerns

Aside from preparing a safe environment for your family member, it is also vital to provide for them financial. Retirement income will be immensely helpful, but you should remember that there are various governmental programs and charities, which can help. By researching and learning more about these programs, you will be able to find ways to acquire assistance obtaining food, housing, utilities and medical services for your loved one. If you’re unable to afford these necessities on your own, you should not be ashamed to use these things to your advantage.

Home Monitoring

If you’re worried about your family member, you will want to try and keep an eye on them at all times. Since you cannot physically be there at all times, you will need to use technology as a replacement. Various technological devices can help. For instance, you should consider installing cameras throughout the home. With cameras, you will be able to monitor your loved one’s behavior at all times.

Fall Risk

The main cause of death in elderly adults is falls. Many older adults are forced out of their home, because they can no longer ambulate without risk of falls. This is very disturbing for someone that has worked their entire life, just so they can remain in their home for as long as possible. Well, with the medical alert system, you will be able to increase the time that you could normally remain in your home.

Safety Precautions

It is important to note that the medical alert system can only provide a specific amount of security. In order to get the most out of these systems, family members will need to come together to create a safety plan for the elderly parent or grandparent. There are many things that you can do to decrease fall risks. Just by making the home a safe environment, you will be decreasing these risks drastically. For instance, you should clear walkways and remove dangerous furniture from the home. This alone will help to make the home a safer place for an elderly adult.

By using these precautions in conjunction with a mobile alert system from Guardian On Call, you’ll be able to keep your loved one safe, whether they’re at home, on vacation or shopping at the local grocery store.

Medical Alert

Medical alert systems, such as those from LifeFone, come with a base monitor and bracelet or necklace, which has a push button “alert” feature. You can also pick up the sterling silver medical alert bracelet for your elderly parent. If at any time, the user pushes the “alert” button, the call center team will respond immediately, notifying 911 of the event. When the emergency response team arrives to the home, the patient may be unresponsive and unable to alert them of their allergies and medical conditions. This is where the alert bracelet will come into play. It is inscribed with various details such as diabetic, cardiovascular disease, pacemaker, medication allergies, and hemophiliac. This bracelet can save your parent’s life.

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