Comcast’s Remote That Controls Everything In The House

Published: Aug 20, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
Remote that controls everything in the house

Comcast, also known as Xfinity, is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading providers of Internet and television. Recently, the company has taken steps to expand their services, while also attempting to draw in new clients. One way they’ve done this is by providing home automation services. The company’s service is available to all current Xfinity customers and requires a 24-month contract. How does it stack up to the competition? You’ll be able to find out below!

What It Entails

Xfinity has gone above and beyond to put together a comprehensive automation system, which will be sure to satisfy the mass majority of consumers and provide them with a remote that controls everything in the house. Their system is compatible with lighting controls, locks and thermostats. They also offer a highly innovative EcoSaver Energy Management feature, which can help the consumer save additionally on their electric bill. The system also comes with four door/window sensors, one motion sensor, and two cameras.

The system does not offer crash and smash protection or location-based alerts. This is one of the main reasons that Frontpoint is a more viable alternative.

The Platform

remote that controls everything in the houseIn order to fully understand Xfinity’s monitored home automation system, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the Zigbee platform. Whereas others use the Z-Wave, Xfinity relies strictly on the Zigbee software. Although the Zigbee has an array of benefits, it also has a few limitations, which are tremendously difficult to ignore. First and foremost, the Zigbee can be utilized on an array of frequencies. This is definitely a good thing, since it can eliminate interference and deliver a much more reliable remote that controls everything in the house.

The data rate offered with the Zigbee is also better at 250 kbits per second. Unfortunately, the Zigbee falters in the range category. When compared to the Z-Wave, the Zigbee’s range is approximately 20m less. The good news is that the Zigbee and Z-Wave are capable of utilizing many of the same applications. So, if you find something you like with the Z-Wave, it is almost certain you’ll be able to find a similar alternative with the Zigbee.

Contract Period

As mentioned above, Xfinity requires their customers to enter into a 24-month contract, if they wish to take advantage of the company’s automation services and gain access to a remote that controls everything in the house. This alone will undoubtedly deter a lot of consumers. A lot of people do not appreciate being stuck into a 24-month agreement, which is nearly inescapable. Of course, Comcast does offer a 30-day return period. Be sure to take full advantage of this offering and ask quickly, if you’re not satisfied with the company’s services.

The good news is that you will become the owner of all equipment, after the 24-month contract has concluded. Therefore, you’ll own everything, including the remote that controls everything in the house.

Package Options

Xfinity offers several package options with variable prices. The plans range anywhere from $19.95-29.99 month, so you can find something that suits your budget. The premium plan includes 24/7 monitoring with real-time email and text alerts, if an alert is initiated. When compared to ADT security plans, it is obvious that Xfinity is lacking in services and equipment. Of course, many individuals rely on Xfinity, because it is a well-known household name, but if you are searching for a qualified security company, you should start by comparing each option. Being informed is the best way to make the appropriate decision.

Installation Options 

remote that controls everything in the houseMost homeowners are technological savvy and prefer to install their own security system. Well, Comcast has limited this option to their customers, by requiring a professional installation, which costs an additional $99. This fee includes in-home equipment installation, tutorial assistance, and home inspection, completed by a professional technician. Now, if you choose the Control 150 security plan, you will have the option of self-installation. The equipment will be shipped to your home address, but you will need to pay for the installation kit and shipping charges.

Bundling Options

With the long list of security companies located throughout the United States, there appears to be a lot of competition, making it difficult to draw new customers in. Xfinity is well aware of this high level competitive market, so they work diligently to encourage their existing customers to sign up for their security monitoring services. So much so that Xfinity is willing to offer bundling options, which includes landline, cable, Internet, and home security.

This option does sound promising for existing customers, since it only makes since to combine all of these services into one monthly payment. By bundling, you can actually save a bit of money, but you will need to contact Xfinity’s customer support to find out, just how much.

Control Options

remote that controls everything in the houseXfinity offers a few features, which aren’t available elsewhere. One of these is the fact that the company’s automation services can be accessed in two individualistic manners. First and foremost, users will be able to access and monitor their cameras utilizing their smartphone. This is the most common method and is available with other provides as well. On the flip side, the company’s products can also be accessed and controlled from the consumer’s television.

Of course, you’ll need to become an Xfinity X1 subscriber, in order to gain access to this feature and the remote that controls everything in the house. For some, being able to control their home’s lights, thermostat and locks from their television will be incredibly convenient.

Upgrading Equipment

Although Xfinity offers an array of packages and each comes with a specific set of products, consumers can always purchase additional equipment at a later time. Below, you’ll find a list of products, which are compatible with the Xfinity automation system.


•Motion sensors

•Touch screen base

•Water detector


•Glass break sensors

•Smoke detector

•Remote siren

Unfortunately, many of these devices are more expensive through Xfinity. Other home automation systems are surprisingly much more affordable.


There are plenty of benefits associated with Xfinity’s monitored home automation system, but it will not be right for everyone. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the service’s most notable benefits

•Often easier to bundle and pay 1 price

•Available equipment is diverse

•Professional installation is included

•Offers battery backup

•Zigbee platform is sufficient

•Several different packages to choose from

•A well known company


Unfortunately, Xfinity attempts to force customers to bundle, in order to even access these services. Those that are Xfinity Internet customers and X1 subscribers will receive additional benefits compared to those that are not. More cons will be provided below.

•24-month contract can be scary

•No crash and smash protection

•No location based alerts

•Installation is surprisingly more difficult than others

•Early termination fee is enormous


All in all, Xfinity is wise to enter the home automation game, but consumers might be even wiser to stay away. If you’re already a Comcast customer, signing up is a good choice. Otherwise, the contract and need for other Xfinity services isn’t worth it. Sticking with a proven company, such as FrontPoint Security, will be a wiser choice.

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