Comparison Between Wired And Wireless Alarm System

Published: Aug 20, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Comparison Between Wireless And wired Alarm System

Many people might think that the difference between wired and wireless alarm system is only the absence of wires in one but that’s not true. Wireless alarm systems have many more differences that make them more useful in today’s world as compared to the wired alarm systems.

The only difference between wired and wireless alarm system is not of wires. There are many other differences and while wired alarm system manages to be the better candidate in some features, wireless alarm system comes out as the winner when each and every aspect is considered. You might be online looking for an alarm system but must be confused whether to go for a wired or wireless one. Here are the key differences between the two types so you can make a better decision and go for the one that better suits your needs.

The Difference Of Wireless Technology

Of course, the biggest difference between a wired and wireless alarm system is that wireless alarm system relieves you of the pain of cluttered wires in the house. There are dozens of other benefits associated with a wireless alarm system only because of the absence of wires. Taking your alarm system to newer locations and expanding it by adding more sensors is not a problem with wireless alarm and security systems. However, it could be quite difficult to add new sensors to a hard wired alarm system because you will need more wires and depending on the location of the new sensor you might need to have more walls drilled in the house.

Wireless Is More Reliable

Wired alarm systems have been around for years and decades and this has allowed burglars to understand them better. This means that burglars have more knowledge of how to disconnect a wired alarm system than they have for disabling a wireless alarm system. Not to mention, since there are no wires required and attached to any of the components of your wireless alarm system, you can choose whatever location you want for your main control unit. This way it won’t be easy for the burglars and intruders to go straight towards the main control unit and disable it first.

One Relies More On Batteries

You can now find many wired alarm systems that are battery powered but many of them are not since they are already running on wires. Wireless alarm system mainly relies on the battery power. There are wireless systems with components that have batteries with a long life of months and years. These sensors do not require regular battery checkups and changes. Some components would keep running for nearly 2 years without requiring you to change the batteries in them. This means your alarm system is working even when there’s a power outage.

One Is More Feature-Rich

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most of the technological improvements have been made in the wireless alarm system in the recent years. Wireless is the new technology so more work is being done on this technology. The remote controlling features have become so good that you can now operate your alarm system even if you are sitting in another country. Integration of wireless alarm system with the smartphones has become a common practice and this has made these alarm systems much more practical for people than the hard wired alarm systems. However, there are hard wired alarm systems with similar technology too.

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