The Concept of Wireless Security Systems

Published: Mar 21, 2014 at 03:24 UTC
The Concept of Wireless Security Systems

From traditional alarms to wired systems, there has been considerable change in the way homes and businesses are secured and wireless security systems seem to be the most feasible option.

In olden times, sentries were designated the job of standing outside castles and watching for intruders or burglars. In modern homes, this is no longer the case. Children are usually off to school, parents go to work and families are often busy, which means that homes are left empty for different times during day and night. Moreover, when homeowners are at school, work or away, they often leave pets behind at home. Therefore, they need a modern day sentry that can faithfully stand watch around the house throughout the day and at night as well. This is provided in the form of security systems. The most used ones are wireless security systems because of the numerous perks and benefits they have to offer to homeowners.


Today, wireless security systems are becoming more and more common in homes and offices. There was a time when these were only the luxury of wealthy individuals and regarded as a necessity for businesses. However, these systems have now become affordable enough for everyone and it is quite easy for people to install them in their homes. Wireless cameras and sensors are the biggest and greatest advancement that can be seen because they don’t need any cables for connecting to the central alarm panel. Lithium batteries are used for powering all the sensors and these tend to last for years before demanding replacement. In the case of cameras, they can simply be plugged into the nearest power outlet.

Cost and Installation Benefits:

As there is no need to run cables, there is a great reduction in the installation time because there is no need to tear into floors, walls or ceilings for the purpose of hiring cable runs. Cost is further reduced because of mass production of the equipment and this means that basic wireless security systems are offered at a discount along with monitoring services. It is also possible for homeowners to take wireless systems along with them in case they are relocating and changing homes. Furthermore, insurance providers also offer discounts when these systems are installed and this can often offset the cost of the system for people.

Monitoring Benefits:

Whenever people make a list of benefits of the wireless security systems, the most prominent one would be the quality 24/7 monitoring provided by it. Regardless of whether the occupants of home are away, asleep or awake, the sensors have the ability of monitoring and reporting anything from elevated levels of carbon monoxide gas to intrusion attempts. When a sensor is tripped, an alarm condition will be transmitted to the monitoring center where the situation is assessed by the agent and the appropriate emergency services of an area are notified. The beauty of modern systems is that they no longer rely on phone lines because they can be cut off for halting communication. Advanced wireless security systems now have the capability of using radio or cell phone signals for transmitting and receiving information. There are also systems that can send live video feeds from a camera to the monitoring center to enable agents in assessing the situation properly and sending help accordingly.

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