How A Connected Retirement Home and Medical Alerts Bracelets For Men Can Make A Difference

Published: Apr 24, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
Medical alerts bracelets for men

As you likely already know, retirement homes are sanctuaries for individuals, who are no longer able to care for themselves. Highly qualified and thoroughly trained nurses and medical professionals, who are responsible for monitoring the patients, staff these facilities. As a loving child, it can be very difficult to sign your parent into one of these facilities. Unfortunately, it needs to be done and can help to keep your parent safe. Of course, many retirement homes are overflowing with patients, yet under staffed. Is it possible for medical alert bracelets for men and women to rectify this problem? You’ll be able to find out, by reading the guide below.

The Problem With Retirement Homes

Although the majority of retirement homes are staffed with friendly and totally competent nurses and medical professionals, some facilities are still lacking. This is the case, because a lot of hospitals, senior living facilities and retirement homes are simply understaffed. This can make it difficult for the staff to keep up with their responsibilities, while keeping an eye on each and every one of their patients. Below, you’ll find a list of potential problems aligned with retirement centers.

• Understaffed workforce, which is unable to keep up with the workload
• Incompetence on behalf of some of the staff members
• Elderly can roam and may escape the watchful eye of the staff
• Other patients may become problematic
• Theft from staff or other patients
• Outsiders and family members of other patients may present a problem

Once you’ve left the facility, it is truly have to prevent problems. This is why many facilities are turning to medical alert bracelets to help diminish the potential for conflict and problematic situations.

How Medical Alert Systems Can Help

Some retirement facilities give seniors the opportunity to live independently. This is something that the majority of seniors will absolutely desire. The thought of entering a closely monitored facility is not ideal and will actually strip the patient of their freedom. However, independent living facilities allow patients to maintain their freedom to some degree. Of course, there is some risk involved. If patients are given more freedom, there is also a bigger chance for dangers, including falls.

However, it is believed that medical alert systems can help to diminish these problems. By equipping all patients with these systems, they’ll be able to live independently, while still begin being able to rely on the staff. In the event of an emergency, the patient will remain in direct contact with their nurse or doctor.

Companies, such as Safe Guardian and Medical Alert, are hoping to put this concept into action, in order to protect seniors, get them into a safe environment and still allow them to maintain their freedom.

medical alerts bracelets for men

The Use Of The Internet Of Things

Another way retirement centers are hoping to alleviate problems is by utilizing IoT, or the Internet of Things. In a facility, which has implements an IoT system, almost everything within the facility will be connected. Below, you’ll find a list of items that may be included in this arrangement.

• Cameras
• Motion detectors
• Lights and outlets
• Door locks
• Patient monitoring systems

By enabling such a system, the staff will effectively be able to be in two or three locations at the same time. One nurse could remain in the nurse’s station, while utilizing a tablet to monitor one patient and also ensuring the facility’s doors remained locked. The potential benefits associated with such a system will be explored in greater depth below.

More Effective Staff

With a totally connected retirement facility, the staff’s effectiveness can be enhanced substantially. This would be true even in situations, in which the staff is simply understaffed. How would it work? Well, all staff members would be able to utilize the medical alert system and IoT to effectively check on several patients, without moving a foot. By accessing the associated camera streams, a nurse can inspect patients rapidly. If several patients are sleeping soundly, there will be no need to visit their room.

Also, the system could allow the staff to monitor the patient’s vitals directly from their tablet or computer. This could provide them with added reassurance that the patient is safe and sound, without the need to physically visit them. This in return would effectively allow the staff to perform more tasks at once, without getting bogged down by unnecessary activities. Systems, such as the Mobile Alert System from Guardian On Call, will deliver more effectiveness, additional peace of mind and added protection. The system works with GPS technology, so it can truly be used to protect the patient anywhere in the facility or outside of it.

Added Safety

As a nurse or caregiver, you will understand that patients can fall at any point in time. It truly doesn’t take much and an unexpected accident could result in massive damages and injuries. With this in mind, retirement homes should utilize automation to allow their staff to better monitor their patients. This could easily work in a handful of different manners. First and foremost, the nurses would always be able to keep an eye on all hallways, by accessing the system’s cameras. This would give them the ability to ensure that nobody has fallen in a concealed location, while also guaranteeing that anyone injured would be able to receive assistance immediately!

At the same time, patients could be monitored consistently through connected devices. Not only would this allow nurses to monitor the patient’s vitals, but also it’ll give them the opportunity to remain aware of the patient’s whereabouts in the facility. This will help to prevent someone from wandering off and getting hurt, while also ensuring the staff is always aware of the patient’s status. The difference could be astronomical and retirement facilities and all patients could benefit enormously.


Medical alert systems can be utilized for home and skilled nursing facilities. If you are a medical professional, you understand the difficulties of trying to monitor every patient. Well, with the medical ID bracelet, you will be assured that your patients are safe and when assistance is needed, they will push the “alert” button. This also gives elderly adults more freedom to stay in their home for an extended period of time, decreasing the need to sign into a skilled nursing facility.

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