What to Consider Before Installing a Wireless Home Alarm System

Published: Apr 12, 2014 at 03:00 UTC
What to Consider Before Installing a Wireless Home Alarm System

There is no doubt that a wireless home alarm system offers lots of advantages to homeowners, but some considerations still have to be made before opting for one.

A wireless home alarm system proves to be an economical and easy alternative to traditional wired security systems. It is not just a great option for homeowners, but even people who rent homes will find it immensely convenient. As compared to traditional hard wired systems, there is considerable flexibility and ease offered by a wireless home alarm system, not to mention the cost savings that can be associated with it. There are some additional benefits that people can also enjoy such as the fact that it cannot be disarmed easily by burglars by simply cutting off wires. Moreover, neither does the structure of the house has to be damaged in the installation of the system nor is any expertise needed for installing it.

Installation Options:

A lot more Do-it-yourself options are offered by a wireless home alarm system as opposed to traditional hard wired systems. Before deciding on a system, it is necessary for a homeowner or a renter to decide whether they want to install the system themselves or hire a professional to undertake this task. No matter what route is selected, it is likely to save a lot of cost as it is quite simple to install a wireless system rather than a wired one. The range of the signals should be gauged before installing a wireless system because the whole house needs to be covered. Pets should also be kept in mind when motion detectors and sensors are installed.

Security Aspects:

Homeowners also need to determine the security aspects that have to be included in the system. Similar to the hard wired systems, a wireless one also offers people the choice of a basic or advanced system, depending on what homeowners will prefer. There are a number of things that have to be chosen prior to the whole installation process. It is possible to integrate several alarm systems into one wireless home alarm system including smoke and fire detectors, glass break detectors, motion detectors etc. Homeowners can incorporate whatever they want in their system as this will provide them with added security.


A wireless home alarm system relies on battery power to operate and function smoothly; this is one huge advantage that it has over wired systems that depend on the house’s power grid to function. This is great because the system will continue to run even during power outages, but people need to keep in mind that the batteries will have to be checked on a regular basis. People can opt for a system that offers back-up battery options or will automatically signal the homeowner if the battery is running low. Otherwise, the system might shut down without any prior notice or warning.

Other Considerations:

Homeowners who are planning to install a wireless home alarm system in their homes should keep in mind that as compared to traditional hard wired systems, these don’t connect to the landline. This means that it is necessary for people to have a reliable cellular service to ensure that the alarm is able to alert the homeowner when needed. Also, the location of the wireless system should be chosen with care as other devices may cause interference.

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