Should You Consider Wearing Medical Alert Bracelets For Women? A Guide

Published: May 19, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
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As an elderly woman in today’s society, you should understand how risky life could really be. Not only are you at risk from those around you, but also living alone comes with its own set of problems. If you happen to fall ill and are unable to seek assistance, you’ll find yourself lying in pain for an extensive period of time, until someone is able to discover you. Suffice to say, this isn’t ideal and can actually be downright frightening. If you agree, you should consider investing in and wearing one of the medical alert bracelets for women. How does this type of system work and what are the benefits? You’ll find out below.

What Is A Medical Alert System?

First and foremost, you should learn about the medical alert system. Although you will wear the bracelet, the system itself is the core and will handle the majority of the responsibilities. Although there are numerous varieties and they’ll all work somewhat differently, there are numerous similarities. First and foremost, the majority of these systems come with a base station and a bracelet or necklace. The base station may or may not connect to a phone line, but batteries or electricity must power it.

Once the base station is up and running, it’ll provide you with immediate access to the authorities. Contacting the authorities is as simple as touching the button on the base station or the button on your bracelet. Once you’ve reached the authorities, you’ll be able to chat with them directly and explain the situation.

Common Installation Procedure

Again, all systems are unique, so the installation process can vary from one to another. However, the most common installation procedure will be listed below for your consideration.

• Plug the base unit into an electrical outlet
• Connect the base unit to an active phone line
• Call the service provider and activate the system
• Begin wearing your pendant, bracelet or necklace

Truly, the process couldn’t be easier. Even if you’re not entirely tech savvy, you’ll be able to complete the setup process, without any assistance from a technician.

medical alert bracelets for womenBeneficial Features

Now, you should begin analyzing the benefits of one of these systems. Once you have, you will be able to figure out, whether or not you should begin wearing a medical alert bracelet yourself. Although each system is different, some of the most common beneficial features of medical alert systems will be explored in greater depth below.

Two-Way Communication

The mass majority of medical alert systems will be equipped with two-way communication capabilities. This is one of the most notable features of the Safe Guardian Medical Alert System. Once you’ve pressed the button on your base station or your bracelet, you will be placed in direct contact with a friendly, professional dispatcher. This individual will be able to speak to you, keep you calm and get you assistance right away. The dispatcher will remain on the line with you, until medical assistance can arrive.

If you’re afraid of staying home alone, the medical alert system can provide you with a little added reassurance.

Cost Effective

Initially, a lot of individuals may believe that help alert systems are simply too costly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a lot of systems are incredibly cost effective. First and foremost, the installation process is nearly effortless. This helps to eliminate setup fees, since you’ll be able to complete the install on your own. Also, many providers do not charge equipment fees or activation charges.

Throw in the possibility of being able to avoid a lengthy contract and these systems couldn’t be more cost effective. Regardless of your budget, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be able to afford the system! After all, your life could very well depend on it.

Backup Power

batteries_medical alert bracelets for womenWhen you have any type of electronic device hooked up in your home, chances are if there is a power failure in your neighborhood, these devices will not function. With this being said, most medical alert systems are equipped with an onboard battery, which only works, when there is a power failure. This backup battery will offer anywhere from 24-32 hours of power, sustaining your needs until your electricity is back on. This is a wonderful safety feature that will ensure all users that they are still protected, even if there is a natural disaster or electrical power failure.

Fall Detection Technology

Falls is the main cause of death in elderly adults and these accidents can occur at any time during the day or night. If you fall with your medical alert bracelet or pendant on your persons, you will be able to push the “alert” button, but only if you are alert and responsive. Well, what would you do, if you fail and became unconscious due to a bump on the head? One thing is for sure your medical alert bracelet will not help you in this type of emergency. To eliminate this issue, many medical alert brands are now embedded with fall detection sensor.

This sensor is often embedded into the base station, which needs to be placed right beside your bed or recliner. You must remember that this technology is very sensitive and will detect every time you lay down in the bed. This is why you should wait until you are in the supine position (lying flat on your back), before activating the sensor. All in all, this is a wonderful feature that can potentially save your life, if you experience a syncope episode.

There is no better way to ensure your own safety than with this medical device. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the medical alert system, so that you can receive all of its benefits.


So, should you consider wearing your very own medical alert bracelet? Although the cost might be a concern, these systems really have no glaring flaws or cons. In fact, they’re reliable, cost effective, and could very well save your life. If you live alone and want to better protect yourself in the event of a medical emergency, you should definitely buy and wear one of these bracelets today!

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