Consumer Guide for Choosing Wireless Alarms

Published: Apr 02, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Consumer Guide for Choosing Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarms are the method you use to protect your house against intruders so it is imperative that you choose the right one.

The trend of using wireless alarms for securing your home against the threat of burglary has become quite widespread. More and more people are installing these wireless security systems in their homes rather than opting for wired ones, which are a huge hassle. However, there are a large number of companies out there that are offering these wireless systems to people. The problem is that not all are very reliable and beneficial for people. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary for consumers to know exactly what is entailed in a wireless security system.

The Basics:

Control panel is one of the most important elements of wireless alarms and security systems. This is simply the location where the backup battery is located and where the system wiring comes to an end. There is also a keypad, which is used by homeowners for arming and disarming their security system. A siren is also a very vital component that helps the security system in fulfilling its purpose as it will alert the homeowners when there is a break-in and it also informs the intruder that their presence has been detected. Motion detector is also a crucial component as microwave, passive infrared or photoelectric detectors sense the changes that occur in a room because of human presence. People who have pets can get special motion detectors. Door and window sensors are also a very necessary part of wireless alarms because they will sound the alarm when the window or door is opened. Central monitoring station is where the emergency signals are transmitted and the authorities are alerted.

Additional Devices:

There are some additional devices that can also be incorporated into wireless alarms in order to make them even better and more effective. Smoke detectors are the first device that people can choose as they provide an early warning of fire and can prove to be very helpful in preventing it. Glass break detectors can also be installed, which recognize the sound of breaking glass and will automatically sound the security alarm. Panic buttons are either hand-held or are placed in strategic locations of the house like next to doors or beds. The alarm will sound off when these buttons are pushed. Pressure mats can also be used, which are placed underneath rugs and sound the alarm when they are stepped on.

Choosing the System:

Reliable and high quality wireless alarms will have these features incorporated in them. Several different companies can be contacted by homeowners and they can be questioned about the features they offer with the security systems. People can check the license of the company and also request them to provide a demonstration. An inspection and a quotation in writing should also be asked as this makes comparison easier for people. Customer reviews about the service provided by the security system should also be checked to ensure that they are reliable. Moreover, people should also check the feedback and ratings that have been given to the system they are considering. It is necessary to consider these factors when wireless alarms have to be chosen for protecting the house, belongings and people within it.

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