The Controversy Between Wireless and Hardwire Alarms

Published: Mar 28, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
The Controversy Between Wireless and Hardwire Alarms

There are often disputes about the efficiency of a wireless security system.However, most of the conclusions made are based on a lack of information.

Many people recently have been making uninformed comments about the risks of installing a wireless security system, claiming the old hardwire way is still the best to protect your home against the ill-willing. The most common dispute among owners is weather the old cabled version of the security system is more reliable and convenient than the newer wireless version. The reason many people get confused is because they are unfamiliar with the new technology and as we know, we humans are creatures of habit and often find it easier to stick with the more-familiar.

Are the Rumors True in Fact?

One of the most common issues raised with the wireless security system is that they are not reliable and are easily deactivated. This statement is not entirely true and very much depends on the model of the security system and on the preparation of the burglars. It is not likely that burglars will have the knowledge or possess the technology to disarm even a middle-class product. However assuming the burglars are professionals and after a specific price they will be well prepared with a signal jammer which should disable the signal of the wireless alarm. This situation is easily avoidable. Most of the newer models of alarms come with backup transmitters which even in the event of a signal distortion will reactivate and call for the appropriate assistance. In many cases, this may work to the advantage of the customer as the thieves may not be aware that the alarm was actually functional and authorities are on the way.

Convenience Offered by Wireless Security System

One of the biggest advantages of the wireless security system over a hardwire system is the convenience it presents to the homeowners and businesses. A regular burglar alarm will take hours for professionals to set up and is associated with drilling holes and cutting floor wood in order to preserve the interior. Moreover even with a fine job done there will still be distinguishable cables and holes in your home, which will take more effort to cover.

Battery Life and the Advantage Offered by This Feature

An important advantage of a wireless security system is their battery sustained life. While like a conventional cable system the wireless security setup is also plugged in the power, however it has also a backup charge of batteries which in the event of a power outage will provide the system with the power to function. If the thieves in fact are prepared to go to extreme measures to invade your home and cut your power cables, this extra safety measure will ensure that they would still not escape what is coming to them.

There are many opinions and technicalities regarding the best usage of a wireless security system in particular circumstances. However, the growing preference in middle-class homes all over world is that of wireless security systems over the hardwire security systems. This technological advancement has already provided many households with a safer environment and is looking to spread as to improve the security standards available. Why not give it a go?

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