Determining How Much Is Home Security Monitoring Worth

Published: Feb 06, 2016 at 08:00 UTC

Being a homeowner can come with innumerable responsibilities, with the biggest one being security. In order to protect your assets from being stolen, you will need to make the decision of whether or not to install home security cameras in your home. One crucial factor that must be added into the equation is how much is home security monitoring worth to you.

Deterring Criminals

Being a burglar comes with taking many risks but one thing is for sure, many will deter away from homes with security cameras. If you have ever shopped for home security cameras before, you have most likely seen an unlimited selection of dummy cameras. Of course, these do not actually record or monitor your home, but their only purpose is to scare away burglars.

Just by having security cameras installed in and around your home will improve the security.


Many homeowners will not be concerned about the home security price tag. Instead, they will be more concerned about their family’s safety. Home security cameras are equipped with motion detectors and sensors that will scare away burglars. With the new remote control feature, the homeowner will be able to control the system through their iPhone. Alert notifications will also be sent the source device, as soon as an alarm is triggered.

Everyone wants to feel safe inside their home, but with the ever increasing crime rates, it is becoming a challenge to securitize residential and commercial property. If you want to increase the security around your home, you will need to start by installing a home security system.

Decreases Residential Insurance Rates

Many home insurance providers will recognize a security system as a high security mechanism. Home security systems will decrease the risks of burglaries, fires, and carbon dioxide poisoning. This huge factor alone will help you save around 10-20% on your home insurance.

In order to receive the discounts, be sure to speak with a representative. While many individuals may not consider these small discounts a huge saving, the amount will gradually add up over time.

Complete Home Monitoring

Home security technology has come a long way, since the prehistoric time period. With the remote feature that works with a mobile app and your Android or iOS device, you will be able to monitor your home 24-hours a day. Watch your children arrive home from school from anywhere around the globe.

You can also adjust the camera’s angle and zooming features through the app. Most home security cameras are compatible with most smart home devices, so you can control them, as well.

Energy Saving Option

If your heating and cooling system is equipped with a smart home thermostat, you are in luck. This wonderful device can be fully controlled through mobile software and your home security system. Turn your cooling system on 15-20 minutes before arriving home, instead of leaving the unit on all day long. Do not expect to see a drastic decrease in your energy bill the first month, but over time, you will see huge savings.


As you can see, there is no way that you can put a cost on your family’s safety, which means that your home security camera is priceless.

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