Different Wireless Security Systems Projects

Published: Mar 21, 2014 at 03:07 UTC
Different Wireless Security Systems Projects

Wireless security systems are the top choice of individuals when they wish to protect their homes and they also have several elements that can provide effective protection.

Layers of security are needed for the purpose of providing protection to the home. From the windows and doors to the edge of the property line, each layer is simply an opportunity for the homeowner to react to a threat. Alarm and security systems have been introduced for aiding people in protecting their homes from any threats. Today, wireless security systems have gained a lot of popularity in contrast to wired ones because of their numerous benefits. They involve less hassle, are effective and they also permit the homeowners to add security to the house with reduced effort in installation.


It is possible for individuals to enhance the wireless security systems and their usefulness by adding various elements to them such as security cameras, drive way alarms etc.

Solar-Powered Security Lights:

Night-time visibility is added around the house with the help of solar-powered lights, which can provide cover to a burglar. During the day, small batteries are charged by small photo-voltaic panels. At night, the power that’s needed to light up the area around the house is provided by the batteries. It is ensured by motion detectors that the light will only come on when movement is detected by them. Because there are no wires that have to be installed, there is no concern of power failure in wireless security systems and the solar-powered security lights will still be able to function in the case of an emergency.

Wireless Security Cameras

The homeowners will have the ability of seeing and hearing anyone who is lurking near or around their property with the help of wireless security cameras. The problem with using wired cameras is that they are restricted by the length of the cable that’s connected to the receiver, but with wireless security cameras, the homeowners are provided with an excellent opportunity to hide them and still secure their home.

Driveway Alarms

When an infrared bream is broken by a vehicle or a person, it will immediately be detected by a driveway alarm. There is a receiver in the house and a signal will be sent to it when the infrared beam is broken. This will trigger the noise and instantly alert the homeowner that someone or something is moving around the perimeter of the property. Even though their name suggests otherwise, these driveway alarms are not necessarily limited to just the driveway. It is possible for the homeowner to use them for monitoring the entire perimeter of the house.

Wireless Alarm Systems

One of the last layers of defense that can be provided to the home is that of wireless security systems that use an alarm. Every potential entry point into the house has a sensor installed, which sends signals wirelessly whenever windows and doors are opened. When the alarm system is activated, opening and closing of entry points will trigger the alarm and automatically alert a third-party security company or the homeowner of an intrusion. There are some manufacturers that are now offering systems that give people the ability of alerting via the cell-phone technology rather than the phone lines in case they are cut or down. In this way, complete protection is ensured by wireless security systems.

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