How to Disable Wireless Alarms

Published: Apr 03, 2014 at 05:00 UTC
How to Disable Wireless Alarms

While it is true that the best way to safeguard your home is with wireless alarms, homeowners should also know how to disable them when necessary.

Consternation can be caused for the owner when their wireless alarms become defective because it gives rise to a real concern for safety. It is essential to render the alarm inoperable before it is inspected and repaired after troubleshooting. There are a number of ways through which individuals can disable this alarm while sitting at home and no expertise is needed for it. However, homeowners may be required to remove one or more modules of the alarm from where they were installed in some of the cases. All that will be needed by people are some common household tools and they will be able to disable the wireless alarms effectively.


The power cord that that’s connected to the wireless control panel should be unplugged from the AC socket from where it is drawing its power. The screws that hold the wireless control panel to the wall should be removed in the case where the control panel is wall mounted. The battery compartment lid of the wireless control panel that’s on the back should be opened with fingers. The screw should be removed if it is on the lid and the backup batteries that are within the battery compartment should be removed.


The sensor cable that’s connected to the window security sensor should be unplugged from the input port, which is located on the wireless receiver nearby. The receiver should be turned over and the battery compartment lid on the back should be removed in the case where the sensor cable is attached permanently between the receiver and sensor. If the receiver is not held on the wall with the help of adhesive then it will have to be unscrewed from the wall. The batteries that are inside the battery compartment also have to be removed. This procedure has to be repeated with all the wireless alarms and sensors that are placed around the house.


The control panel of the wireless alarms is protected by a password, which has to be put in with the help of a keypad. The menu settings on the control panel should be accessed and the ‘System setup’ or a similar menu should be opened. Now, the ‘Network’ or compatible menu should be chosen. The network channel should be changed as this connects the wireless control panel to the other components and modules of the wireless alarm system. The menu should then be returned to its initial setting and the network channel setting that will now be used by the wireless control panel should be saved. This is also effective in eliminating the connection between the control panel and the other modules of the alarm system.


The alarm system can be reset once it has been disabled and then it will be able to work in the proper manner to provide effective and reliable security to homes and offices. Wireless alarms have proven to be a huge blessing for homeowners because they give them a way to secure their homes without going through the hassle of installing wires around the house. Also, as they are powered by batteries, they last longer and work even in power outages.

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