DIY Simplification: The MyFox Security System

Published: Sep 09, 2015 at 08:01 UTC

Over the years, security systems have gotten much more impressive. At the same time, they’ve begun to offer a tinge of simplification. This especially rings true with the MyFox Security System. Of course, simplification isn’t always a good thing. If something is a little too simple, it will be able to be compromised very easily. So, how does the MyFox stand up in this regard? Below, you will be able to learn all about this innovative security system.

About MyFox

The MyFox Security System is actually available in a kit. You can also purchase the camera separate, but the kit is typically recommended. Within the entire package, the consumer will gain access to a large number of different security devices.

    • Vibration-Detecting Sensors
    • Siren
    • Hub
    • Key Fob
    • Door and Window Sensors

With the MyFox, you certainly receive everything you could ever need and a little more!

The Backup Battery

This particular system is well prepared for a power outage. If something happens and the power goes out, many systems will leave you vulnerable. With built in Lithium Ion batteries, this system will continue running. The hub and camera both have backup batteries for further protection. In fact, the hub is capable of scanning neighboring Wi-Fi connections, if yours happens to become inaccessible. Suffice to say, this system will monitor your home regardless of what is happening.

Vibration Detection

In all likelihood, the biggest differential between MyFox and the rest of the systems out there is the impressive vibration detection sensor. The included IntelliTAG can easily be placed on doors and windows. No wires are necessary and you won’t even need a drill or screwdriver. Once placed, you will need to adjust the siren, before connecting everything to Wi-Fi. When the device detects vibration, it’ll react appropriately. As the company suggests, their system will be able to prevent break-ins before they happen.

Managing The System

Almost all home security systems come with their very own mobile devices. This is also true with MyFox. However, it also offers another more convenient way to manage your system. With an additional key tag, you’ll always be in control. As long as you have access to your keys, you’ll be able to arm or disarm the system, with the push of a button.

The Security Camera

Finally, the MyFox comes with a very high-tech security camera that will keep your home safe! The camera can be connected to your system and smartphone within a matter of 10 minutes. Again, installation is effortless and no wires or drills are necessary. The camera includes a number of helpful features, such as two-way audio communication, HD view and night vision. Below, you will find more of the camera’s features.

      • Wide Angle Viewing
      • Night Vision
      • Motion Detection
      • 30 Days of Recording
      • Full HD Streaming
      • Full Remote Control form Your Mobile Device

Overall, the camera is fairly standard, but it is easy to install and hide out of view.


The MyFox Security System is definitely impressive and some of its features will probably be carried on to other systems in the near future. If you’re looking for an easy to install, simple and effective system, you’ll certainly want to glance at the MyFox.

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