Everything Consumers Need To Know About Remote Control House Alarm Systems

Published: Apr 14, 2016 at 18:51 UTC
remote control house alarm system

As a consumer in today’s society, you should wholeheartedly understand that technology has changed everything. All aspects of life have been revamped by advancements in technology and this is especially true, when it comes to the home security sector. With the latest technology, consumers will be able to keep their homes safe and secure no matter where in the world they’re located. With the utilization of remote control house alarm systems, it is possible to remain in control from anywhere. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about these systems and their enormous benefits.

What It Entails

Before rushing ahead, you should learn about some of the components involved in this type of system. Below, you’ll find a list of potential home security components, which can be controlled remotely.

• Cameras
• Alarms
• Sensors
• Hubs
• Thermostats

Although not all of these devices will protect your home from an intruder, they’re capable of adding protection in other ways.

How It Works

If you’re interested in investing in a remotely controlled security system, you should first figure out precisely how this system will work. This type of system might seem complex, but it is actually straightforward and fairly simple. With this type of system, the homeowner will be able to check the status of their alarm and cameras from anywhere in the world, by utilizing their smartphone, computer or tablet. It is also possible for these devices to make direct contact with the homeowner in the event of an alarm or when motion is detected. In order for this system to be effective, it needs to connect to your home’s wireless network.

Features Of A Remote Home System

Now, you should learn about the innovative features associated with one of these systems. What can the system do for you? Below, you’ll find a list of features often found with your remote home monitoring system.

• Check your home’s security and alarm systems from anywhere
• Arm or disarm your alarm system from afar
• Configure your thermostat
• Switch the lights on and off
• Receive text, email or phone alerts in the event of an intrusion, fire or climate control problem
• Check your camera’s stream

Even if you’re nowhere near home, remote monitoring will still allow you to remain in control.


Many home security alarms now come with keyfobs, which offer an additional way to arm and disarm the system. These devices are integrated with wireless technology, so they can communicate with the system’ interface. The home security alarm keyfob looks and operates very similar to the car keyfob. Instead of needing to pull out your iPhone to control the security alarm, you can simply push the appropriate button on the keyfob. These devices are great for small children and houseguests, who do not have access to an app enabled device.

remote control house alarm systems

Control Panel

If you know anything about home security alarms, you should be familiar with the control panel. Many homeowners will install the control panel on a wall near the entrance door, so they will have easy access to it. This is a programmable device that allows you to customize a pass code to suit your needs. You can also access all of your home automation devices via the control panel. Most of these devices will have a 4-7” LCD screen, which displays the current weather, time, news, and forecast, but some of these options may only be available with a monthly subscription plan.

The control panel may also be embedded with a camera, so you can access the live stream video from each and every one of the outdoor or indoor cameras. There is no end to the possibilities, when you have one of these devices installed in your home.

The Enormous Benefits

Since this type of system is fairly new to the market, it comes with a heftier price tag. This will likely force many consumers to look elsewhere, but this could very well be a mistake. Remote control house alarm systems can be immensely beneficial and the benefits provided far exceed those delivered by normal home security systems. With this in mind, you will want to examine the benefits explored below.

Peace Of Mind

The home automation system offers additional peace of mind. This is the case, because the setup allowed homeowners to remain at home, even when they’re thousands of miles away. By logging in to your smartphone and accessing the associated application, you’ll be able to make sure that your home is locked up tight and entirely safe. For those that have children, the peace of mind is a necessity and this type of system can undoubtedly deliver it!

Always Aware

Another major benefit provided by this system is the fact that it’ll keep you aware at all times. Whether it is three o’clock in the morning or five o’clock on a Saturday, your alarm system will provide you with real time updates. If someone attempts to break into your home or a fire breaks out, your alarm system will send you a notification immediately. This will give you the ability to contact the authorities and put a halt to the problem, before it can spiral out of control. Some systems can also notify the authorities, so you won’t have to worry about doing anything at all.

Control Everything

In the past, home security systems were somewhat basic. Although they offered some level of control, they were substantially limited compared to the latest remote monitoring systems. With the newer systems, it is truly possible to control almost anything and everything inside of your home, as well as some of the items outside of your home. With your smartphone, you’ll be able to access your system and make adjustments to your thermostat, locks, lights, and even your alarm system. Having this amount of control can be very reassuring and is undoubtedly worth any extra costs you must pay.


All in all, there are undoubtedly enormous benefits associated with remotely controllable home alarm systems. If you wish to maintain in control and get real time updates in the event of a crisis, you should definitely pony up the money and invest in this type of system. It’ll be well worth it and will give you the ability to sleep soundly at night no matter how far you are away from home!

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