Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Wireless Home Security Cameras

Published: Apr 13, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
outdoor wireless home security cameras

Everyone and their mama are investing in wireless home security systems, because they want to increase the security in and around their home. If you find yourself on the market for a well-known security system, you will find out very quickly that there are tons of options to select from. Below, you will find more information about outdoor wireless home security cameras.


If you plan on monitoring and managing your own security system, you will need to decide which devices you are going to utilize to do this. For instance, many homeowners will opt to monitor their cameras via their mobile phone and tablet, because they always have it on hand. Nowadays, most security camera models are compatible with various operating systems:


• Android
• iOS
• Windows
• Linux

These are the most popular operating systems that can be found in various mobile devices and desktop PCs. For your own peace of mind, be sure to give this more thought, especially when you are out there shopping for a security system.

Touch Screen Monitor

Most homeowners prefer a security system that comes with a touch screen monitor, because it gives them another option to using their iPhone, when they are at home. The monitor is integrated with wireless technology, so it will communicate with the security system. Many of these will be equipped with a large LCD display, so you can view a real time video stream, without needing to pull out your mobile device. Of course, the monitor can only be utilized, when you are at home, but many users find it a much needed necessity.

Audio and Video Recording Options

In order to have the full ability to monitor your home, the system will need to offer audio and video recording. Most models support video recording, but many of them do not support audio recording. Once the system is installed and setup properly, you will receive immediate notifications via your app enabled device every time the sensors are triggered. The camera will also begin recording the event, so you can view it at instantly or later. This recording will become very valuable, if your home is broken into. You can turn it over to the law enforcement, so they can utilize it for their investigation. This will also give them proof that your home was a target of an invasion, plus it will give them a clear image of the burglars.

Tilt, Pan, and Zoom

While many consumers do not give much thought to the tilt, pan, and zoom features, they can provide a wider and up close viewing area. You can actually control the camera’s features via your app enabled device, but some cameras will automatically automate this behavior. Of course, a wireless camera with these features will cost significantly more money than those that do not.


Outdoor wireless home security cameras are a hot ticket item and continue to grow in popularity every day. If you live in a high crime rate community, you should definitely invest in one of these systems.

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