Everything about Wireless Alarm System

Published: Jun 20, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Everything about Wireless Alarm System

With a wireless alarm system, people can ensure the safety of their home and family in the most effective and simple way possible.

Home alarm and security systems have been moving towards a wireless solution gradually. There has been increased number of stories about children getting abducted from homes and there is also a rise in home invasions and burglaries. Thus, security has become extremely crucial for every household. Families have an innate desire to protect their belongings and themselves from intruders. Therefore, home alarm systems are being installed to act as the ears and eyes of a family when they are inattentive, asleep, and away or simply working in the house. A wireless alarm system is not just a valid defense against theft and burglary, but is can also fight against fire and aid in combating with various medical emergencies.


Convenient installation is a significant benefit of a wireless alarm system. For most wireless systems, homeowners only need to connect the device or system to an existing phone line and it will be ready to function. Cost is another benefit that can be associated with these alarm systems. In comparison to other types of home security systems, people will find that opting for wireless security systems is considerably cheaper. This is mainly because there is very little need for the installer to worry about structural issues of the system in the house.


Fire, burglary, medical monitoring and alarms are some of the most common features that can be found in a wireless alarm system. Gas, emergency and flood warnings are the other type of alarms that can be associated with this particular device. Transmitters, integral keypad, variety of alarm types, several different arming models, event logs, power supply that’s programmable and static frequency receiver types are some other features which can be seen in this system.

Other Uses:

It is not just the easy installation practice that attracts people towards a wireless alarm system. However, they are also liked by homeowners because of their other uses. One use is that these systems can automatically alert the fire department if a fire breaks out when the house is empty. When this feature is included in other systems, it is likely to cost more. Wireless systems have little or no cost of installation as compared to wired systems. Furthermore, it’s also possible to link the wireless alarm system with the appliances and lights in the home. When these appliances or lights are turned on at random times, burglars will automatically be deterred as it gives the appearance that people are home even though there is no one.

Wireless Sensors:

Several wireless sensors have to be placed around the house in order to ensure that the security system is effective and in full working order. Windows and doors are attached with burglary sensors. When the alarm is engaged and a door or window is opened, a signal is sent by the wireless sensor to the main device. The police are contacted or a siren is blasted by the device, depending on the settings that have been programmed. If there is a fire, the sensor will function like a smoke detector and will use the connected phone line to notify the fire department.

In short, complete security is provided by a wireless alarm system in the most beneficial way.

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