Examining The Features Of A WiFi Based Home Automation System

Published: Apr 19, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
wifi based home automation system

Technology and the Internet have changed drastically in the past few years. As a tech junkie or homeowner, you’ve likely noticed these changes and have benefited from them enormously. Well, a new change is on the way and it’ll completely revamp your life in various ways. A WiFi based home automation system can provide the homeowner with enormous benefits, endless peace of mind and many cost effective savings. Below, you’ll learn more about the features of the latest automation systems.

Monitoring Features

In the old days, monitoring your home was nearly impossible. If you wished to maintain an eye on your home, you would need to enlist the assistance of a neighbor or friend to babysit your home. Now, it is possible to maintain an eye on your home, by utilizing a highly innovative home automation system. Below, you’ll find a list of the things you can monitor with this type of system.

• Your home’s cameras
• Home’s security alarm system
• Home’s climate and temperature
• Lights and outlets in your home

By being able to keep an eye on these things, you will be able to ensure that everything is working perfectly and that devices, which are not in use, can be shut off.

Digital Control

Have you ever left your home without shutting off your lights or heating and cooling system? If so, you’ll concur that this can dramatically increase your next electricity bill. At the same time, leaving your door unlocked could be far worse. In the past, you would need to drop all of your responsibilities and head home immediately to fix the problem. By taking advantage of home automation, this will not be a problem. The system will give you the ability to directly access and control your system and many of its devices through the Internet. This can be done through your cellphone or computer.

Instant Alerts

Some cameras are capable of providing homeowners with a video stream. This is great, but it won’t help you much, if you do not constantly watch the stream. Even if you look away for a few seconds, an intruder could slip right through. This is why developers have manufactured home automation systems, which are capable of delivering alerts to the homeowner. Most systems can deliver alerts directly to your text inbox, email or via a phone call. This can help to prevent an intrusion, water leak, fire, or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

Endless Syncing

Many will agree that the biggest benefit provided with home automation is the fact that this type of system will allow several devices to communicate with one another. This makes it possible to configure your home and its devices to trigger on and off under certain circumstances. For instance, you could easily configure your system to force your lights and thermostat to switch on ten minutes, before you arrive home from work everyday. By adding a motion sensor to the picture, these things can switch on, as soon as you arrive and the sensor detects your presence.

Truly, the possibilities are endless and you should use your imagination and creativity to craft a system, which benefits you the most.

Wrapping It Up

A Wi-Fi based home automation system can be very versatile and could be used in various ways. By adding new devices and experimenting, you will eventually be able to setup a system, which makes your life a little bit easier!

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